Sunny Cumbria

It seems the media is intent on debunking my climate claims for Cumbria.

Thanks for the concern for those that have been in touch to check we are not affected by the floods. Fortunately (for us) we are not, in fact we are about as far away as you can get in Cumbria from Cockermouth etc. They have had over a foot (300mm!) of rain in 24 hours – across a wide area.

It’s grim oop north as we say!

I’m not saying its not wet or owt:

Here is me after my dinner time ride today – on my way to hose down the bike, and my legs! (those shoes (and socks) aren’t normally brown btw) The photo doesn’t do justice to just how wet it is, I was, or how cold my feet were – I’m only just regaining feeling.

Still – beats working for a living right?

(I know purple is a fashion crime, but I think there is an exception for those over 40 still participating in non armchair sports)

What’s the weather like at yours?



6 Responses to “Sunny Cumbria”

  1. Mike Staunton Says:

    For those of you wondering about Simon’s after dinner photo in the English Winter – the folk up north have their dinner at lunchtime – later he’ll be tucking into his tea when those of us down south will be having our dinner but it’ll be dark

  2. Marcus from London Says:

    People in London often why I would ever come here from Australia.
    I tell them I’m here for the weather and send them this:

  3. Harlan Grove Says:

    Sure looks like there’s mud in that bottle. Coffee? Really strong tea?

  4. Hazel Says:

    Weather here in Northamptonshire fairly naff. Lots of the wet stuff descending from the sky in shortish bursts (I think the weather people call these showers) but when blown by 80-100mph winds the wet gets you WET. And the bloody dog still wants an evening walk.

  5. Simon Says:

    Mike – behave, we have our dinner at dinner time, and tea at tea time (and you are right – its much too dark for biking by then – in fact it barely gets light at all at the mo). Dinner is the meal that dinner ladies served at school – what were they called by you lunch ladies?

    Harlan, just water in a very muddy, very gritty very crunchy bottle. Coffee would be a good idea though – might speed me up a little.

    Hazel – our dog won’t go out unless she is absolutely desperate.

  6. eileen Says:

    I’m in West Cumbria. A busted flood defence and closed bridge near to us is causing some disruption but not nearly as much as Cockermouth and Workington a bit to the north of us. Know lots of people there so thoughts are with them – it’s going to be a long haul back.

    Looks like we can expect more of these events in future. Love Cumbria but seriously thinking of going back to North Yorkshire where I come from when I retire.

    By the way, LOVED the muddy legs. Afraid I prefer to cycle in the dry. And what’s wrong with purple then? Good colour

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