Bloody Office Marketplace

So today after several months of faffing around I finally did some codematic website updates. Including finally doing some product landing pages as required to be listed on Office Market place.

I have been selling software for over a year now via the Codematic website and for most of that time I have been thinking I must get around to applying to get listed at OMP. Obviously with it being Microsoft there are a few irritating hoops to jump through, enough for me to put it on the back burner, but actually not that hard when I came to it.

So you can imagine the ranting and raving at the Smurfplex having finally sorted my pages to go and try and register and find out registration has been suspended until the spring of 2010! Bunch of Arse! As an indication of the amount of procrastination on my behalf – they suspended new applications in September!

In my defence though I normally cruise t’intarwebs in stealth mode with javascript disabled, enabling it is what gave me the ‘suspended’ news. Bugger!


If you are moving to Excel 2007 and want to maintain your 2003 levels of productivity then you may well benefit from the excellent Classic Tab, details here.

If you are moving to Office 2007 and want your FileSearch object VBA code to keep working, you may want to get hold of AltFileSearch, the magnificent drop in replacement for the removed FileSearch object.

If you are fed up of being locked out of worksheets because you have forgotten the password, or don’t have time/patience to wait for the slow old VBA password removers then you should consider the wonderful ultra fast worksheet unprotector, details here.

All are very good value for money, free trial versions are available as is a full money back guarantee.

I am thinking I might have to reduce my session on the Office Marketplace at the Excel dev conf in Feb!

Seriously, putting it into perspective- this is even worse than the Apple iPhone app approval farce. I can only assume OMP not really that important/useful, at least to Microsoft. Did you ever buy anything via there?

If you got in with your product listing before the lockdown, are your servers buckling under the strain of all those highly qualified leads looking to splash the cash? Or was demand so great you had to migrate your fulfilment infrastructure to the cloud?

Any suggestions for other (sensible) marketplaces for listing/selling Excel/Office add-ins?



12 Responses to “Bloody Office Marketplace”

  1. mikewoodhouse Says:

    I can’t honestly say I spend a lot of time around Microsoft’s Office pages – they’re always so focused on the latest version, whereas I work in a Global Bank, which right now means Office XP. To be fair, they’re rolling out 2007 but I’ve sen glaciers with more zip.

    So with that in mind, it may not be a surprise to discover that I’d never heard of the OMP. I’m aware of all kinds of 3rd-party offerings but I found them all through Google or word of mouth.

  2. Stephane Rodriguez Says:

    “If you got in with your product listing before the lockdown, are your servers buckling under the strain of all those highly qualified leads looking to splash the cash?”

    20% referrers from OM. Good to have the logo for customer feel-good (my customers include mil, banks, …)

  3. Simon Says:

    Mike – the subsite always freezes on ‘checking your system for office components’ for me, funny it never finds any, what with me running Linux an all.
    Thanks Stephane, just the info I was after – I could do with an extra 20%

  4. Dennis Wallentin Says:


    Checkout RegNow and drop the OMP once for all!

    Kind regards,

  5. Simon Says:

    Dennis I can’t drop OMP – it dropped me!
    And any other Office add-in devs – FOR 6 MONTHS !!!

    Its the dawn of the 2nd decade of 2000 in a few weeks and MS have shut their product extension marketplace (to new products) for 6 months. its staggering!

    They couldn’t develop the 2010 version in parallel?
    If there will even be a 2010 version – the whole thing might just quietly disappear over time.

  6. Jon Peltier Says:

    RegNow? They take 6.9%, and pay you every two weeks.

    I use eJunkie and Authorize.Net. The fees total less than 4%, and I get paid within two days of each transaction.

  7. Jon Peltier Says:

    Sorry, that’s 6.9% plus $1 per unit. Yow.

  8. Simon Says:

    I don’t want a full service provider, especially not at those rates.
    I thought the office marketplace was just a product directory, with a simple review process, just a ‘here is some stuff that works with Office’.

    I was just wondering if there are any sensible places to list Office add-ins, or is it just like Mike says – Google?

  9. Dick Moffat Says:


    I’ve always seen that the MS Office “After-Market” is always under threat simply because of MS’s of-again on-again interest in it. Actually they don’t give a s**t about it (it doesn’t make them any money or reaaly sell any more product and never will) but occasionally someone gets the idea that it should be thown a bone – then they get bored with ths idea until it comes around again in a few years …

    The same thing was true of the Lotus after-market.

    Being in this space is always like sleeping with an elephant – anytime it might roll over and sqush you for no apparent reason. It’s a market I wouldn’t waste any time on frankly – sorry :-( ..

    Actually I think this is starting to happen to the Office Dev market in general. Up to now MS seemed to make a sincere effort in that space but now everything is SharePoint and the traditional Excel and Access and even Outlook development is simply of no interest to them anymore (despite the fact that Excel and Access are natural sources of content for SharePoint – but they don’t get that either) .

    IMHO We’re on our own now in a market that is just going to get smaller and smaller as people gradually forget about it. Sorry again :-(

    Dick the Optimist

  10. Simon Says:

    Do you walk round wearing a sandwich board claiming the end of the world is nigh?

  11. Dick Moffat Says:


    Pretty much lately :-) ….


  12. Nick Hebb Says:

    After the pre-Office 2010 hiatus is over, keep in mind that if you want to list in the US, UK, Australia, and other OMP’s, you have to submit each separately.

    OMP is worth getting listed on. It’s not as good as it used to be, but I still get a decent amount of download from there. The biggest issue I have with OMP is that the products are listed by rating, and the rating system is easily gamed (and I’m pretty sure one company is doing just that).

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