Netbook market is 125% of Netbook market

Looks like someone has been using a spreadsheet to calculate the market share of various operating systems in netbooks. (If it was fortran it would be worse – but we’ll save that joke…)

Microsoft claim 93% run Windows, and yet these guys reckon 32% run Linux.

So thats a 125% (added in my head) market – wowzer. Thats some kind of rounding error.

Dell reckon about 33% of their netbooks ship with Linux. so perhaps MS have picked up a (‘accidentally non representative’) sub market in their stats.

I find this really interesting because I thought the netbook world was going to make Linux mainstream, but somehow it never quite panned out. Win XP got a reprieve and somehow Linux netbooks became hard to get hold of. Almost like the whole Linux thing had been a marketing ploy to get MS to negotiate the OEM price of Windows.

We are delighted with the Linux netbooks we have here, for the kids especially.  You can leave them to roam around and all the scareware prompts showing Vista security warnings and goading them to click to install malware are easily ignored.

Have you got a netbook? what OS are you running?

We have Linpus and Ubuntu.



9 Responses to “Netbook market is 125% of Netbook market”

  1. Steve Says:

    Windows 7 Ultimate and its perfect!!

  2. Dennis Wallentin Says:

    Yes, Mandriva Linux 2010 and it runs 125% perfect ;)

    Kind regards,

  3. Marcus from London Says:

    That’s probably my fault Simon. I bought 2 netbooks recently (one each for the wife and I) so that’s probably skewed the results :P

    Both are Acer Apsire One’s (a 10.1″ and an 11ish”). Both run XP – happy with both and glad they’re not running Vista (although they did come with a trial version of MSO2007. On a machine with 1 gig of RAM, which bright spark came up with that idea?)

  4. JP Says:

    Did you really think even a small percentage of current Windows users would leave their comfort zone and embrace Linux?

  5. Mathias Says:

    I am sure this “rounding problem” is because so many users run a dual boot partition on their 10GB hard drive ;)

    I run Win7 Home on my netbook, and it’s super smooth. I am still surprised by my reaction to the netbook: I haven’t felt so excited by a machine in a while…

  6. Simon Says:

    Mathias – thats a touchy subject here – I’ve only 50Mb left on this (dual boot) lapper so I can’t even install the latest Ubuntu updates – the update manager nags me everyday.

  7. Nick Says:

    Very interesting stuff!

  8. Hazel Edmunds Says:

    Beautiful Samsung running XP Pro – and I love it. The learning curve from DOS6.2 to Windows was bad enough without going through another learning cycle at my advanced age!

  9. Paul Mann Says:

    I have an original Asus Eee PC 701 that came with Linux but is now running XP Home Edition – stll works great after having it 2 years or more and is currently being hammered by my wife on a daily basis.
    My current Netbook is an Acer Aspire 150 9″” screen 160GB HD in sexy metalic deep blue. It is running Windows XP Pro, Office 2003 Pro, Open Office 3.1, MySQL etc. which was bought for me by my family as a birthday present last year.
    Unfortunately this will be the last Acer product that I ever buy as the Netbooks’ motherboard blew 2 days before the warranty period ended – this is the second Acer machine I have owned, the first being a 15 1/4 ” laptop – the motherboard blew on that one as well plus the HD failed. Acer customer support are a nightmare to deal with as well. Funnily enough I have just seen a chart which indicates that Acer are number 3 in the list of manufacturers whose machines fail within the first 3 years, a 23.5% failure rate. Asus are bottm of the list with a 17% failure rate. With Acer it would seem that the old addage “Let the buyer beware” is very applicable

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