Jobserve Alchemy virus

I’ve been keeping an eye out for a contract on the (UK IT industry) default standard website Jobserve.

They have a ‘service’ called Alchemy, where they email you details of any jobs they have on their database which are like ones you apply for.

It’s doing my head in!

I’m getting half a dozen emails a day, and there seems to be no way to turn it off. I’ve deleted as much info as I can from their site, if it doesn’t calm down I’ll have to delete my whole profile, or maybe change my email address. They give you the option to pause emails for a day, month or 3 months, but no options to FOAD.

It wouldn’t be so made if it wasn’t so dumb – ‘oh look he once applied for a job in Edinburgh – send him an email about any job in Edinburgh’ SAS? Me?

What a crap design, they have a really intrusive ‘feature’ that you can’t turn off. WTF?


That’s it!, just got another, I have unregistered myself. what a load of rubbish. Its never been this bad when I have used it in the past.

Are you having the same problems?



3 Responses to “Jobserve Alchemy virus”

  1. Mike Woodhouse Says:

    I have on occasion been sufficiently hacked-off (or unemployed) as to spend time on JS, due to offspring selfishly demanding food and other cash flow-significant activities.

    I ended up writing scripts to grab the day’s new postings (possibly filtered by something suitably vague) and filter them myself. I think I may actually have used VBA in Outlook for that – it was several years, c ouple of s/w versions and 2 or 3 PCs ago now…

  2. Steve Says:

    u can turn it off
    dont remember how and too lazy to look
    i think they got a how do i section
    i dont get anything from jobserve

    what i do get is
    if i apply via an agency then some agencies start sending me crap
    cause i am in the system

    i then just opt out at the foot of the email

    there are however a handful of agencies that start spamming
    in hotmail i then just block the entire domain like


  3. gr8fanboy Says:

    See this page There’s a contact option where you can request to opt out. Quote f you would like to permanently unsubscribe from receiving these emails, please contact us. However, if you would just like to temporarily stop receiving these emails, you can click on the “2 Weeks”, “1 Month” or “3 Months” delay links at the bottom of the emails.

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