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Commercial Excel Add-in Clinic

Tuesday, 1st December, 2009

I am thinking of running a one day event designed especially for people wanting to wrap up their add-ins or spreadsheets for commercial distribution.

Basic agenda would be anything and everything to do with taking some dodgy gizmo you wrote for yourself and polishing it into a saleable jewel.

So things like,

  • assessing the market
  • decent design and coding
  • Packaging your add-in for release
  • providing helpful help
  • Pricing advice
  • Marketing strategy
  • distributing and collecting payment
  • updating and patching
  • protecting your intellectual property
  • internationalisation (i18n)
  • etc etc anything from deep technical to broad business issues

Initial thoughts are for a 1 day event, smallish group, probably less than 10, maybe as many as 20? At this stage I am thinking Jan or Feb 2010, probably in Londinium, not because I like crap expensive hotels and lots of travel, but because no one would come up to Carlisle. Style would be a mix of seminars, lectures, informal discussions and question and answer sessions.

It would be a chargeable event probably around 300 gbp per person, and I’m thinking of offering some free places to well known Excel bods.

What do you think?

is it something you can imagine people attending? would you want to present or lead a slot?

I’ve had a few queries in this area recently which is what makes me think this may have a bit more momentum than the (non free) beginner level user conferences. I think it maybe worth a punt for a small conf room for a day.

Anyway, leave a comment with your thoughts or drop me an email