Business Architect

Just saw this ace job advertised for a business architect

Key skill – advanced Powerpoint!

ha ha ha!

No mention of process engineering, broad tech knowledge, or in fact any tech knowledge, or any real business background.

I have worked with some folks who would do well in this role, you know – ‘big picture people’.

I also saw someone wanting 7 Excel/C# devs for a big migration project, that one of my 2010 predictions gaining traction.



4 Responses to “Business Architect”

  1. dougaj4 Says:

    What is a business architect anyway?

    Someone who makes a business look pretty?

    As opposed to a business engineer, who makes sure that it won’t fall over in a high wind :)

  2. Brian Bishop Says:


    I like to see the C# jobs popping up:) In keeping with your predicitions, we have moved from working with VBA/Excel to C#/Excel in the past few months. Now all our manipulation and visualization is coded in .net, and we use VSTO for the odd addin thats required


  3. dougaj4 Says:

    Brian – could you give us a brief summary of the motivation for moving to C#, and any major advantages and/or problems encountered so far?

  4. Al Gill Says:

    How is everybody else finding deployment with C# / XL? Have to say I quite like the C#/XL combo (except when grubbing about in the more distant parts of the XL object model.

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