Spreadsheet Risk Call For Papers

Eusprig, the European Spreadsheet Risk Interest Group are calling for papers for their conference next summer in Greenwich.

More details here.

Eusprig is the premier (and/or only) body (worldwide – the ‘European’ bit is a bit misleading) dedicated to raising awareness of the risks of enterprise spreadsheet use.

Some might argue that they have been a little *too* successful, I certainly get that feeling sometimes when decent spreadsheets are treated like radioactive waste but crappy unusable web apps are feted as the brave new world of productivity.

This years conf is all about how to minimise the risk whilst maximising the value. And its about practical steps to achieve that not just lots are handwaving.

Hope to see you there.



One Response to “Spreadsheet Risk Call For Papers”

  1. Harlan Grove Says:

    Have their been any papers yet on VBA problems due to the larger grid size? That is, assigning ranges’ count of cells to long integers when those counts exceed 2^31-1, especially when this is done within error trapping sections?

    More generally, papers on what breaks VBA code written for Excel 2003 & prior when run under Excel 2007? Is VBA off-topic for Eusprig? I have to ask because the Eusprig site doesn’t appear to be searchable, and the Library only shows one past paper with VBA in its title.

    With skepticism dialed up to maximum, it’d be interesting to see what security risks had been found in the various 1-2-3 file types (.WKS, .WK1, .WK3, .WK4) which MSFT claimed presented undue security risks in their justification for dropping support for these formats in Excel 2007. In my experience, .XLS files are a lot more dangerous than these older 1-2-3 file formats.

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