Ribbon Zero

Ribbon zero game

Bloody hell
(to echo Rob B)
They obviously never heard the expression about flogging a dead horse, or the one about when to stop digging.

Surely there comes a point when someone has to say:

OK we messed up, the calamity UI is an adoption blocker. Lets bring in a compatibility mode, because our customers are not buying our thin excuses for devaluing their investments in learning our products.

Perhaps they could just point people to the magnificent classic tab from those nice codematic chaps.

Lets hope these Web apps version are good enough (and popular enough!) to justify the pain they have caused.

Obviously I havent played the game, if I wanted to play games I would buy a psp.

Did you play it? is it good? did it help you migrate to 2010?

(I’m actually really looking forward to 2010 but for other reasons than the UI)



7 Responses to “Ribbon Zero”

  1. JP Says:

    Ribbon zero… thanks for the laugh, Simon!

  2. Bob Phillips Says:

    You need the latest Silverlight version – counts me out.

  3. Ed Ferrero Says:

    I use both 2007 and 2003 at work and I am currently developing a budget system in Excel/SSAS, so I thought it would be a good test of Ribbon Hero.

    One thing Ribbon Hero does is measure how well you use the ribbon (or conversely, how well the ribbon is set up for the way in which you use Excel). I think this might be a good way of providing feedback to MSFT of just how woeful this thing is for experienced users.

    So far, after one day’s use, my score is 10 out of 312. Too early to report, but I look forward to seeing my results after one month.

  4. Jon Peltier Says:

    Here’s what I tweeted about it this afternoon:

    “Ribbon Hero, a gimmick to help justify the Ribbon. Wow, earn points for playing. Oh, you’re at work?”

  5. Nicholas Hebb Says:

    I agree. This is like admitting failure without wanting to *really* admit failure.

  6. Simon Says:

    I bought a psp this weekend I bet its better than ribbon zero

  7. Will Riley Says:

    What a joke… I doubt i’d be interested even of I wasn’t in love with my new iPhone thingy

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