Crackberry cold turkey

After many years as a crackberry adict I am attempting once again to go cold turkey.

Last time was a G1, last year which lasted less than a week.

This time I have got a Motorola Milestone (Droid in the US).

First impressions? Its crap!

It might be my fat little sausage fingers, but its rarely bothers to respond to my screen clicks, often its seems to do nothing, or do anything but what I tried to click.

well I’ve had it about a month now, I had to do  a hard reset to get it to connect to the Google mothership so some of the more interesting features would work. But now it seems to be working ok.

I havent yet sampled the delights of the Andoid marketplace, I’ve had a look but failed to see anything worth downloading. In my dreams I am going to write a few apps.

I think whoever designed that keyboard should be forced to use it and no other for 6 months. The sharper edges of the bb keys make it much clearer what you are pressing. That daft multi pad thingy means you can’t reach most of the keys with your right hand, the letters are way off centre on the keys so if you click a letter most likely you will click at least one wrong key as well.

The screen is brilliant, a bit pointless but brilliant. Trying to do the internet on such a small screen is, for me, not worth the effort, I’d rather read a book and do t’internet when I get to a proper box. Maybe if I find (or write ;-)) some worthwhile apps this will change.

The battery life is abso-bloody-lutely crap. With minimal use (a bit of checking email on (free) wifi, no calls) it lasts 12 hours, 12 hours FFS!! [edit see comments – this has changed]

If I use it at work, I need to recharge it to phone home on a night. my BB would last a week on one charge, I could go away for the weekend without a charger. With the MM I really need a 12 mile extension lead so I can use it at home and at work. And its heavier, noticeably heavier.

I was pretty disappointed when I first got this, but over the last week or two we have started to get on better. I guess for the odd time I need the internet it will be useful (internet on the bb was crap). Maybe if I get the hang of the keyboard (one of the key reasons I got the MM rather than another Android phone.). And once I get this as my ring tone.

Anyone else got any views on the relative pros and cons of bbs and the latest crop of smart phones. All you iPhone fanboys, feel free to chip in, but bear in mind I would prefer a phone I own rather than one the manufacturer believes they still own.



11 Responses to “Crackberry cold turkey”

  1. Harlan Grove Says:

    I’m too old. Gimme a laptop and a WiFi connection, and I’m the proverbial pig in . . .

    E-mail via cell phone just hasn’t struck a cord with me. Then again, I’ve never owned a phone with more than 20 buttons. For a corporate employee such as myself they seem more a ball-and-chain than a tool.

    ‘Course that’d all change if I could fire up a shell on a smart phone. Do these gizmos support Telnet?

  2. Rob Says:

    A pedant writes: Is that the album version of the song with shots of the single sleeve? Not sure that I approve.

    Have you got 3G coverage up there, BTW? We’re in a 60 mile diameter not-spot here.

  3. Simon Says:

    telnet – yes:

    Rob, I need to go home and see if I have the single, I’ve had to put the pogues, Sunny side on for now. We don’t even have normal mobile coverage at home never mind 3g. I have been looking at the Femtocells but they are silly at the mo. but my MM works with the home wifi ok.

  4. Bob Phillips Says:

    According to the 3G coverage maps, all providers cover the Carlisle area (although T-Mobile looks a tad sporadic).

  5. Biggus Dickus Says:


    And I thought I lived in the middle of nowhere :-)

    I just lost my BB Curve on a plane (don’t ask) and when the time came to buy a new one I stuck with the BB but went to the Bold (bigger keys for my fat fingers).

    I looked at the IPhone (wifey has one) but stuck with the BB because I do not want to surf the Internet on my phone yet and because I wanted a REAL (albeit teeny) keyboard. I do find dialing the BB phone kind of a pain compared to the IPhone but for emails and texts I like the feel of the keyboard (especially on the Bold).

    Your sexy Droid/Milestone isn’t available here in the North woods yet but it sounds like overkill for me :-)


  6. Gordon Says:

    @Bob Phillips
    You’re kidding me? T-Mobile actually *have* a 3G network? I thought it was just a myth. Certainly is wherever I’ve tried it!

  7. Ross Says:

    I lost my T-mobile g2 at the weekend.
    1. I wont be going back to t-moblie (even though I get 1/2 price line rates)
    2. I might try a BB. not sure yet, i did like the g-phone.

  8. Bob Phillips Says:

    @Gordon, I did say … according to the 3G coverage maps … I have no idea if T-Mobile are ther or anywhere, I just looked at the maps. I don’t use 3G, can’t see the point.

  9. Steve Says:

    Google Nexus One is a nice device.

  10. Simon Says:

    hmm dunno whats going on with the battery I used it for a couple of weeks which I thought would fix that ‘breaking in’ thing with new batts. And it still only lasted a few hours.
    This week (after I did a hard reset at the weekend) suddenly the battery is still 90% full after a full day of v light use. It has also registered itself properly on the network and roaming works now (didn’t before) so I don’t know about the battery life – it might be a good few days rather than a few hours – I’ll know more at the end of this week.

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