Spreadsheet Barbie 2011?

I spotted a link to here from el Reg. Seemingly people have voted for a computer engineer version of Barbie.

If it sells maybe they will vote for a spreadsheet Barbie for 2011?

I wonder if the iPhone app store halo effect might start to (or already be starting to) bathe the IT profession in a slightly more positive light?

I can’t imagine that, if it happens, to filter down (up?) to the humble spreadsheet user/developer, can you?

How would you dress/accessorise a spreadsheet Barbie? (gotta be a #REF!/#VALUE! teeshirt at least, unless she is an independent (then she would just be in her pyjamas and slippers all day right??))

Do you think the image of IT workers is improving?

I have noticed that a great many films now have some hacker geek in who can perform miracles (eg Italian Job 2, National Treasure), perhaps we are getting cooler as a profession?? Of course I’m not sure how being able to hack the traffic grid matches up to getting your 4 line array monsta-formula to work?



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