Excel xlls with tools

Next I’m going to look at some of the tools that are available for writing xlls.

These are the ones I’m going to cover:

  • XLL+ from Planatech
  • Add-in Express
  • ExcelDNA
  • Possibly one or two others time/trials permitting.

They each have different strengths and weaknesses and so each will be more suitable for different groups of people, and different jobs. And thats the bit I want to cover. So I’m not especially going to give blow by blow instructions as covered in each products help file. the intention is to give a flavour of the effort involved and the returns for that effort.

Hopefully we already know the basic requirements for (UDF) xlls

  1. a function that takes some parameters and returns a value, or set of values
  2. a way to tell Excel about it so it can be called from a cell.
  3. Thats it.

If you think there is a tool that I have missed then let me know. I’m kind of writing this from the perspective of an Excel dev who want to get into fast worksheet functions. A few of the tools I have tried seems to be targeting a different group so I may not mention them.

Yeah I know this is out of order, not sure how come I missed this before posting the XLL+ review. ho hum.



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