Schoolboy Error

As you may have noticed and as I mentioned the other day, I’m pretty busy.

I was just busy, then I got an email mentioning that the Codematic site wasn’t working right.

A quick investigation showed that I had used mixed upper and lower case addresses, and not used them consistently. And of course Linux is case sensitive unlike Windows. I tend to maintain my site on Windas, but it is hosted on Linux. So its kind of understandable, but still  a pain, and still technically a schoolboy error.

Much of the site is generated from building up text snippets in workbook cells and concatenating into .htms in VBA. But its all a bit higgledy piggledy.

I did contemplate moving it to a dynamic site but actually the content is not that dynamic and to me it makes sense to generate it as .htms rather than burden the server with processing a load of php and sql for every page request. I think what I need is a better way of managing and generating the site, one day. (suggestions welcome though…)

In the meantime I have updated the site to use just lowercase addresses and have added a 404.php to attempt to redirect anyone using a mixed case address to the lowercase equivalent, or the home page.

If anyone spots any more problems (I know I still have one directory reference to update, but that will have to wait) please let me know.

I’ll post more about the other things keeping me busy in the near future, I think this one is resolved for now, unless anyone tells me different…



4 Responses to “Schoolboy Error”

  1. JP Says:

    Just use WordPress and a caching plugin like WP-Super Cache to generate HTML files. Set the cache period for a very long time to minimize the DB traffic.

  2. Bob Phillips Says:

    Just two words, Expression Web.

    What’s your connection with the Taliban Simon?

  3. Ross Says:

    Don’t even mention School boy errors to me, after what i did on twitter the other night! OMG!!!

  4. Simon Says:

    ah – I wondered what had happened with Sandra Bullocks marriage.

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