Office 2010 RTM’s

Office 2010 went gold on Friday.

You can get your hot sweaty hands on it some time in May or June.

I have been using the RC1 for quite a while and I quite like it.

In fact one of the things keeping me off this blog has been the technical review of an Excel 2010 book I have been doing recently.

I certainly prefer 2010 to 2007 because the interface is not so jarring. Not sure if it will replace Excel classique as my fave. The nicer UI (than 2007) + Multi Threading + VSTO runtimes might just swing it, We’ll see.

What about you? what do you think of 2010 so far?



8 Responses to “Office 2010 RTM’s”

  1. Charles Says:

    I think 2010 is going to be a winner:
    – large numbers of bugs fixed
    – performance improvements
    – 64-bit option
    – minor UI improvements
    – a few nice additional features

  2. greg kramer Says:

    a few nice additional features??…like packing the whole ms bi stack into Excel 2010 for free?

  3. Darren Miller Says:

    Been trying out the 2010 beta for a while now. I never upgraded (downgraded?) to 2007 and I can’t see myself going for 2010. For me nothing in 2010 that I don’t get in 2003 and many negatives – shortcuts, ribbon, styles, etc.

  4. Jon Peltier Says:

    2007 was such a downer, 2010 can’t be anything but a big improvement.

    Charting is still funky. The interface (ribbon and dialogs) are still antiproductive. 2003 still runs better than anything newer.

    User-customizable ribbon is a big improvement. Microsoft had to acknowledge that their users actually sometimes do know what they’re doing and what they want.

    Sparklines are and fixed data bars are baby steps in the right direction. Removing 3D pie charts and the like would have been a larger step, but anyway.

  5. Office 2010 RTM's « Smurf on Spreadsheets « Office 2010 Says:

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  6. Kim_Office_Team Says:

    Thanks for letting your readers know about the Office 2010 RTM! You should check out the post Office CVP Takeshi Numoto made about the exciting milestone!

    Microsoft Office Outreach

  7. Adam Vero Says:

    The customisable Ribbon may sway some of the previous naysayers. I must get round to posting some step by step tutorials on this, there are a few gotchas and a couple of tricks I’ve picked up to make this slicker. Been busy updating my training courses to 2010 so I can offer training from day 1.

    Backstage view takes some getting used to but many things make sense here like recent docs with preview, print preview and printing options side by side.

    I’m not convinced 64 bit will get much adoption yet, as there are too many addins which won’t work, including business critical things such as Microsofts own Dynamics CRM 4.0 Outlook addin. Looks like the SendToOneNote printing issue is also finally sorted so the 32bit OneNote install works fully on x64 Windows installations without any workarounds.

    Sparklines are looking good, nice to see something like this built in to drive adaoption of this as an idea, but suspect some of that will be inappropriate (like all “pretty” features that are easy to use).
    Data bars are improved, especially support for negative / positive bars.
    Collaboration on shared documents looks to be massively improved but needs all the right components (SharePoint, OCS) to get the features that are being talked up in MS headlines.

    Navigation pane in Word is excellent, especially when used for finding text and seeing results in context. Shame the old style document map / outline view is not available though.

    PowerPoint native support for basic video editing (eg trimming) and synching video with other animated elements of a slide is useful. Some improved picture editing including background removal is slick too. Not overly keen on using slide transitions personally but for those who do there are some much more 21st century effects than the old blinds and box out etc.

    For once the Office team seems to have pulled things together properly and have the admin tools available to assist in deploying and managing the new version from day one, rather than somwhat after the event. Given those businesses who possibly wanted some features of 2007 but were put off for various reasons, there may be some pent-up demand which will mean sysadmins want to get on with customising and deploying pretty rapidly. Some info and a bunch of links here:

  8. Adam Vero Says:

    Forgot one handy new feature – when you close a file and are asked if you want to save changes (notably when Excel recalculates, or when you print which changes the metadata for last print date/time), you can choose to say “no”, but a copy of the file is saved anyway (separately from the original of course).
    So when you think “damn, I should have saved that!” you can still get it back. These copies appear in the recent docs list explicitly marked as “when I closed without saving” alongside others so you can choose these very easily

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