XLL news

I just got a note that the next version of ManagedXLL has been released.

A few of us were begining to wonder if ManagedXLL was still going, so its great to hear they are. Maybe I’ll get an evaluation copy one day…

This ‘tools to create xlls easily’ marketplaces is really getting quite busy.

And I have been busy in this area too, doing lots of stuff

  • with ExcelDNA (you can now pack everything you need into a single xll file for simple deployment),
  • with Add-in Express (xlls, but also really simple COM add-ins) and
  • with XLL+ (some neat tools for me, and some ultra fast UDFs, an ultra fast command add-in (way faster, more stable and less memory leaky than the VSTO one I did a few months back), the latest version has logging and performance monitoring and can do enum style arguments in the function wizard (and auto .chm generation -love that).

With all these great XLL tools there really is no excuse for writing crappy dog slow VBA UDFs. Most of them will happily work with VB.net, and convert it into something that is actually usable from Excel cells.

What xll stuff are you doing?



3 Responses to “XLL news”

  1. Ross Says:

    Nothing, I’m going to write up a chapter on XLL DNA soon though… Nice to hear about the signel .XLL, good work Govert! I keep trying to get him on a podcast but no joy so far!

  2. dougaj4 Says:

    Nothing either, I haven’t found the cost/benefit worthwhile. I’ve done some stuff with dlls in C++ and Fortran with a VBA front end, which works well for calculation intensive stuff, but the greatest reward at least effort seems to come from replacing dog slow VBA UDFs with pretty quick, all things considered, VBA UDFs.

  3. dougaj4 Says:

    Just found this through a google search (1st hit on xll smurf!) and I think my post sounded more dismissive than I intended. I meant I hadn’t found the cost/benefit worthwhile for me. For someone with a better knowledge of C++, and a greater focus on getting Excel functionality in compiled code, the story might well be different.

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