New lapper

Had a rather more expensive dinner than usual earlier this week.

From deepest darkest Cumbria, there are rather limited dinner time shopping opportunities.

Not so in sunny Genève where I can get to the Apple shop and back before anyone notices. (except my credit card company of course).

[I am hoping Mdme Smurf will let me have a shot of it at some point.]

Of course I’ll have to go back to the shop to get a dvi – VGA converter for presenting, and probably for all the other bits to make it a complete lapper. (Its a 13″ Macbook pro – seems pretty good so far, has the thumbs up from the mrs, I’ll know more once I get a proper turn.

The plan is to load it with Unbutu, and maybe Windas, maybe even Win7.

In other Apple news, I found this proper iPad test. I was a massive fan of netbooks when they first came out, and I still think they have their place, but the iPad form factor and media consumption function doesn’t do it for me. Never mind the legendary Apple ‘control’, and the Flash battle in play currently. One of the guys in the Office has an iPad, I don’t think I’ll get one, I think I’ll be sticking to my Macbook. (I was eying up one of the neat Sony slim netbooks, until I realised they are just the same Atom proc as the 200 quid ones – I thought the Sony might have a bit more umph as well as a bit less lard – not so).

What about you? Any plans for an iPad? if so what for?



3 Responses to “New lapper”

  1. ross Says:

    for me i think its the other way round. I never got the netbook thing, just get a small laptop? obviously

    I’m thinking about a “pad” but obviously not the Apple one! Google might do one (but you can say that about every thing right!?) and I’ve seen a few other options around that look intresting, they tend to run linux of andrio which is good. Not sure about the price yet, but I think about 350 quid would be about my limit so i might have to weight a bit! I think they would work well round the house, like a photo frame you could pick up and check you e-mails on then dock it back… anyway we’ll see.


  2. ross Says:

    that “obviously” at the end of the first sentence is a misprint when my mouse moved the curses, sorry, …obviously!

  3. Biggus Dickus Says:


    Glad to see you in the MacBook Pro camp. I’ve had one for nearly a year now and it is hand-down the best laptop I’ve evr had.

    One word of cuation though … make sure that you do a serious test-run of the DVI-VGA for presentations before you go anywhere :-). I had a BIG shock when I flew all the way to Holland with my brand-new Macbook only to find that the conference ony had VGA-compliant projectors. From my Bootcamp image I could only output 720×480 – ouch !! After a morning of panic my new BFF Peter Hamming the tech guy at the conference went and got me a projector that was DVI capable and went fro DVI to DPMI. It worked great !!

    I have since moved a lot of my work to VMWare running on the Apple Snow Leopard OSX and I haven’t tested it with VBA but my guess is that it will work better because it is running on the native Mac environment. But I suggets you test it asap and I now that I think of it I think I;ll do it too and let you know.

    I alsi have an “I’m a PC” sticker next to the Apple for when I go to Microsoft :-) … Good politics.


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