Jobserve performance

Anyone else noticed a big drop in performance of the Jobserve site recently?

I wonder if they moved to Sharepoint 2010 ;-)

Its been suboptimal with Linux/Firefox for a while, but this last week its been virtually completely unresponsive, as well as clumsy to use (as usual).

Overall I think it has deteriorated bit by bit over the last 5 years or so, to the extent its no longer that relevant.

Anyone got any better site suggestions? (preferably for jobs in UK/France/Switzerland)(I already have, and

Contract only, I have weakened and glanced at permie jobs a couple of times recently, I must confess, but I’m not ready to go over to the dark side just yet (unless somethig impressive came up I guess).

(That said published contractor rates are not that impressive compared with permie rates in financial services/Excel/VBA/etc. In fact, if Gordo hadn’t promised to confiscate banker bonuses then permies probably earn more at the moment). I guess Cam/Clegg could undo that.



One Response to “Jobserve performance”

  1. Marcus from London Says:

    Yes, I know – it’s only taken me 5 months to post a comment…

    “I have weakened and glanced at permie jobs”
    Don’t do it. Contract rates are pciking up. Demand is increasing (somewhat) but few are willing to change ships. This has been pushing rates up.

    “preferably for jobs in UK/France/Switzerland”
    I’m interested in the same thing – Switzerland, actually – based partially on your previous comments.

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