Smurf Impact


One of my mates emailed me the other day to suggest that a certain BBC correspondents comments may have influenced (/triggered) the run on Northern Rock.

Thats nothing!

Last week I confessed to the world my Apple fanboism with the purchase of my shiny new very very nice MacBook pro. This week Apple are a bigger technology company than Microsoft!

Don’t talk to me about influence! I haz it! ;-)

Its incredible really, both companies have big new product releases about now. But one company has invested in getting the message out, and Microsoft as usual have kept their hands very much in their pockets. Everyone knows the iPad is on its way. Who knew Office 2010 was released? and what benefits it will bring ( from a margeting message  pov of course ;-) ).

We actually proposed a series of roadshows to MS to promote all the new stuff in 2010, instead they are doing a footy comp, and I think they recently ran another patronising Office gimmick too.

Actually I have been expecting this cross over for a while, I think it will continue and increase do you?



13 Responses to “Smurf Impact”

  1. Marcus from London Says:

    While I really like the iPad conceptually, being a closed system put me off. Have you seen how you actually get the photos on the unit for that fancy photo album app?

    So I was thus really disappointed when MS canned the Courier particularly after Balmer’s hoopla around the HP slate (also canned).

    Also – and I’m not one to boast – when it comes to influence, I confess I have none :P

  2. Harlan Grove Says:

    Have you tried to be fair? Have you bought and installed Office for your Mac?

    Apple keeps rolling out NEW stuff. MSFT just rolls out upgrades. The only reason MSFT was successful with the Xbox (unlike its failures with every other piece of hardware except its mice) was that its driven a bit more by its games – software. Apple also benefits from its stuff wearing out, getting lost, or just going out of fashion. MSFT also suffers from their dependence on sales to businesses and governments: how cool can it be to buy the same software as the tax authority?

    Then there’s MSFT’s current ad agency. “I’m a PC!”??? vs Mac and PC. MSFT might as well be selling iron supplements and incontinence protectors.

  3. Jim Cone Says:

    Monopolies always fail, just maybe not in our lifetime.
    Monopolies have very little concern about customers…
    “They need it, we got it.”

    Quote from the xl2010 blog…
    “Its now almost as fast as Excel 2003”
    (how do you promote that?)

  4. Bob Phillips Says:

    LOL! I just followed the link to that football competition, went to look at the ‘short entry form’, and I got a page not found error.

  5. Mathias Says:

    @Harlan: describing MSFT as rolling only upgrades isn’t quite fair; Apple ships sexy consumer products, which are more visible.
    I am not sure how strong Apple’s position is in the long term, compared to Microsoft. The iPhone is now out-sold by Android, and the Windows 7 Phone (which looks awesome) is coming end of the year – and at some point, Jobs will retire. Looks like the iPad is doing great, but I have a hard time seeing them releasing something as innovative in the next 2 years. But then, that’s exactly what they have been doing for the past few years, so what do I know, maybe they can keep it up!

  6. Harlan Grove Says:

    @Mathias: Windows 7 and Office 2010 aren’t new products. W7 may be a very good product, but I’m content with Windows XP for now (when I’m not running Linux). I can wait for my next PC purchase to get W7, and that explains a lot of MSFT’s current lack of growth.

    As for Office 2010, what are the revolutionary new features on offer for Excel? Sparklines? UI customization which beats 2007 but still sucks compared to 2003? “Almost as fast as 2003!”?? Office 2003 to 2007 to 2010 looks to me like two steps back, one step forward, so short of a break-even upgrade from 2003.

    As for smart phones, just how successful have Windows CE/Mobile and CE/Mobile versions of Office been? Maybe MSFT hasn’t lost money on them, but are they as profitable as their Xbox line? Will Windows 7 Mobile (whatever) be a game changer?

  7. dougaj4 Says:

    “Who knew Office 2010 was released? ”

    Not Microsoft apparently.

    Their “pre-order” site says on or after 15th June.

    (Do I get any advantage by “pre-ordering”?)

  8. ross Says:

    It’s all a bit of a guess at the end of the day, didn’t that chart the other month show that xbox was making a lose? but the BBC say that it was a success? Also its “only” 2/3 billion in total share price, which is subjective right? Also MS make loads more money at the moment.

    I agree that mobile 7 could help MS, ipod is not growing – i would guess, and iphone is probably at it’s peak, and ipad will not be as big i think, and there will be better options out soon I hope! We’ll see I guess.

    Have to hand it to apple though, they do make good hardware!

  9. Jon Says:

    Doug –

    Large commercial clients have received Office 2010. The great unwashed masses get it in June.

  10. Biggus Dickus Says:

    A Footy Comp – funny !!

    It has to include VBA ??? One of the absurd realities is that whenever you mention “Developer” in the context of Excel MS thinks you mean VBA code. The fact is that VBA code is totally secondary to using the asctual “Features” of Excel. VBA can be the glue that pulls it all together or a way to automate repetitive processes. Tragically in real lfe this focus on VBA has meant that many who consider themesleves Excel “Developers” have never really learned how to use the product effectively and many who are “killer” spreadsheet designers never get credited with the fact that really ARE Excel “Developers”.

    Too bad MS didn’t take us up on our offer to try to pull it all together for them but what do you expect ??


    • sam Says:

      By “Developer” – MS mean anything other than Excel/VBA/Access.
      They use it to define any one using “real” technologies….
      Dot Net, Dot Cloud, Dot Point …oops Share Point and the very latest
      Dot Dot :-)

  11. Simon Says:

    Thats a subject for a (near) future post (Apple pos)

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