Excel Developer conference London Monday July 12 2010

Here are some more details for the forthcoming Excel Developer Conference on Monday July 12 2010.

Outline initial Agenda
A one day event focussing on real world development with Excel. The event targets Corporate Excel developers and individuals considering selling Excel add-ins, tools, and templates on a commercial basis. There is an excellent mix of the business of Excel tools and the technical aspects of getting the best from Excel. And probably most usefully it is an excellent (and rare) opportunity to network with fellow professionals operating in the same technologies.
The presenters are all commercial developers, most of whom have been selling Excel related products for years.
The format is relaxed and informal, the numbers are strictly limted to maintain a friendly atmosphere. (the expectation is for an intimate event of 20-30 people)

The business of Excel:
Back Office systems and activities to sell on-line
security, piracy, sales and marketing tools
(both of these are based on the real world experience of Charles Williams and his highly acclaimed Fast Excel optimisation toolset).

Technology of Excel:
How to choose the most appropriate implementation technology, both in a corporate environment and as a independent software vendor.
Creating fast User defined functions with .net and ExcelDNA and XLL+, and by hand.
Using Excel as a window to your corporate data
Designing Excel based systems for easy maintenance, support and modification
Extending Excel with VSTO and Add-in Express based add-ins
Review of Office 2010 and Visual Studio 2010 and the possible implications
Discussion of the future direction of Excel development, which technologies to back which to drop.
Panel based questions and answers – we guarantee to answer all pre-submitted questions at the event, and will follow up any on the days ones we can’t answer there and then.

Currently confirmed:
Charles Williams – Excel calculation master
Ross Mclean – international lute playing spreadsheet developer
Me – general spreadsheet botherer and Visual Studio tinkerer

A key part of these event is the opportunity to meet other people going through the same issues. We will be in the pub the night before and the night after to discuss all things Excel, corporate, commercial and technological, and possibly a little footy too.

The event will include unlimited tea and coffee but the midday meal is left open to delegates to arrange. Some of us will no doubt be going to a local pub.

In order to ensure that cost is not a barrier to attendence, the event is priced at only 150 GBP (+vat) for the day.

I will put up a booking and payment page on the codematic site in the next day or 2.

Any questions, comments or topic suggestions – please leave a comment below.



9 Responses to “Excel Developer conference London Monday July 12 2010”

  1. Mel Glass Says:

    Hi Simon – I’d like to come along to the conference and also demonstrate EASA technology to the forum. Can you contact me please? mel.glass@easasoftware.com.



  2. Patrick O'Beirne Says:

    Any even approx idea about place and timings?

  3. Simon Says:

    Mel – I’ll drop you a line, this event is a hands on tech event aimed solely at Excel developers.
    Patrick – sorry, see next post for vital info I missed!

  4. Keith A. Lewis Says:

    Let me know if you would be interested in hearing about my library for creating xll’s: http://kalx.net/xll.

    Let’s see if anchors work with WordPress.


  5. Simon Says:

    Hi Keith
    Definitely, I downloaded the svn a while ago (fun from Linux!), then got side tracked.
    I am back on now though, can I take a look and drop you a line in a few days with questions? in the meantime if there is anything you think I should focus on let me know, here or email.
    If you are in the UK Jul 12 give me a shout

  6. Keith A. Lewis Says:

    Ask away. This version only works with VC++ 2008 on Windows. I’ve been using it for a class I’ve been teaching and didn’t want the hassle of supporting multiple builds.

    The highest praise I could hope for is that you tell me you used it to solve a problem and it worked just as you expected it to. This library is a subset of what I use with my clients. I’ve been refining it over the years into something that I enjoy using. I write a lot of add-ins.

    Check out the XLL.NOW macro. It uses the LXOPER class (behind the scenes) so you don’t have to deal with keeping track of xlFree calls. A CrtDbg object in the debug.cpp file is used to detect any memory leaks.


  7. Daily Dose of Excel » Blog Archive » UK Excel Developer Conference - Monday 12 July 2010 - London Says:

    […] Basic Info Venue Info More Details […]

  8. FinancialRadDeveloper Says:

    If only I wasn’t a contractor then I would persuade my company to send me to this as a training day!

  9. Simon Says:

    C’mon FRD, I’m a contractor too, investing in our skills is the very core of what we do.
    Throw a sickie and then offer to make up the time

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