I just noticed at work that the average age of the Excel team is about 10 years more than the average age of the .net team.

How old are you, and what would you say is you main technology (one word)?

Me: 43 (and a 1/3 :-)), Excel



36 Responses to “Wisdom”

  1. Biggus Dickus Says:

    56 Excel/Access – Old as s**t

  2. joerg Says:

    41 Excel/Analysis Services

  3. Gordon Says:

    37 (for a few more weeks anyway), Excel &

  4. Phil Quinn Says:

    30 Perl

  5. Samuel Jack Says:

    28 and living in .Net

  6. Rob Says:

    At this very minute, PHP/HTML/CSS

  7. Andy Wall Says:

    42.92 & Excel

  8. mikewoodhouse Says:

    51 Ruby

  9. Timon Says:

    31 Pythonjavasripthtmlcss (not as awkward as it sounds, though easier to express in multiple words)

  10. Dick Kusleika Says:

    40 Excel

  11. PhilUK Says:

    54 Excel

  12. Jim Cone Says:

    Emotionally, I am 17 – Excel

  13. Charlie Hall Says:

    55 Excel,Access

  14. Giles Says:

    36, IronPython

  15. Mathias Says:

    37, .Net

  16. Ricardo Lopez-Herrera Says:

    40, Excel and Finance + Accounting (mmmmm that’s count?)

  17. dougaj4 Says:

    59, Excel

    Yay, I’m winning the age stakes.

    (Old is good, right?)

  18. Simon Says:

    Doug I think ‘wise’ is the correct terminology

  19. Chris Says:

    43 Excel and Lab Automation software

  20. Marcus from London Says:

    42 (sigh)
    Excel/VBA (with a very rapid transition to C#)

  21. Andy Pope Says:

    46, Excel/Powerpoint

  22. XL-Dennis Says:

    47,92 NetExcel

  23. Simon Says:

    not many yoofs in Excel are there?

  24. Charles Says:

    Bus Pass, VBA

  25. Doug Glancy Says:

    When I add myself to the above list, I rank as the 5th wisest (!) and I’m at 122.596539475192% of the average. Excel rawks my world dude.

  26. Jon Peltier Says:

    51 today, XL/VBA

  27. sam Says:

    36 Exce/VBA/Access

  28. Bob Phillips Says:


    Don’t you do a bit of charting?

  29. Jon Peltier Says:

    Bob –

    I bit :-) but the technology is all Excel/VBA.

  30. Dick Kusleika Says:

    Happy birthday Jon.

  31. Jon Peltier Says:

    That’s supposed to be “A bit”.

  32. MattWPBS Says:

    30 – Excel/VBA.

  33. A Dashing Blade Says:

    48, Excel VBA

  34. AlexJ Says:

    54, Excel VBA

  35. giff Says:

    27 Excel/VBA/Access/SQL Server/PAP (Pen And Paper)

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