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Soz for lack of posts

Friday, 20th August, 2010

Sorry its been so quiet here
There are a couple of prerequisites for my blog postings. mainly time and internet access. time has been very short recently (more on that later)(nowt interesting) and internet access has been intermittent (at best). Inspiration and content is in no shortage, and I think time is becoming available, internet is due in the next week or two so should be back up and running early Sept.

will post a proper update soon

hope you all had a good break this summer, we did.
I was wondering about creating a new posting category ‘non posting excuses’. what do you think?

Overly intimate with the Excel OM

Friday, 6th August, 2010

I’d say I know my way around the Excel object model pretty well, although, of course like everyone there are plenty of gaps.

The more I work with C# and its anal type pedantic-ness, the more of those gaps I start to see.

Someone emailed me ages ago to point out that the Excel state management module that is available here treats the calc mode as a long, and it could be/should of course be an xl.XlCalculation (!).

Here are some other nuggets from a recent project:

FormulaDestStart = (xl.Range)wsDest.Cells[((xl.Range)DestDataRange.Cells[1, 1]).Row, FormulaDestCol];

m_xlapp.CutCopyMode = (xl.XlCutCopyMode)0;

refersTo.get_Address(oo, oo, xl.XlReferenceStyle.xlA1, oo, oo));


m_DestWorkbook.SaveAs(fsn, xl.XlFileFormat.xlExcel12, oo, oo, true, oo,


I know some of my gaps are based on my mainly trading off Excel 97 knowledge, typeness has tightened in each version.  But some of these are just a bit on the excessive side for me.

I do in fact plan to fully refresh my library for Office 2010, not because it is a huge leap, but because I think its a good solid release and one I suspect corporates will consider moving to. Not sure yet if it is like 2002 (xp) or 2003 (classique). Of course 2003 is the main corporate staple at the moment. I think that will change in the next 18 months.

The get_address is a bit of the PITA for debugging I find, do you?

Have you come across any overly verbose/precise references like these? faves?



Wave Wave goodbye

Thursday, 5th August, 2010

I was amused to read that Google have binned their Wave ‘experiment’.

I seem to remember being accused of being a fossil because I wasn’t on it a few months ago.

To me it highlights the gamble of going with bleading edge techs. If they work then being early into the eco system is great, if they get trashed then that can represent a lot of wasted time money and effort invested.

I have always felt like that about all the work I did to move to .net in 2002/2003 or something. At that time it was truly pointless, and only now with VS 2010 and Office 2010 does VSTO begin to make sense. And VS and Office are again connected nearly as well as they were in the VB6 era. I’d be prepared to argue that in fact with ExcelDNA, VS and Excel are actually better connnected now than in 1998.

I was actually thinking of moving some of my life into the cloud (contacts calendar etc) but I havent yet – have you.

Was anyone here an avid Wave fan? (Ross?) what will you do with all your spare time now?

What social networking type sites do you frequent?