Wave Wave goodbye

I was amused to read that Google have binned their Wave ‘experiment’.

I seem to remember being accused of being a fossil because I wasn’t on it a few months ago.

To me it highlights the gamble of going with bleading edge techs. If they work then being early into the eco system is great, if they get trashed then that can represent a lot of wasted time money and effort invested.

I have always felt like that about all the work I did to move to .net in 2002/2003 or something. At that time it was truly pointless, and only now with VS 2010 and Office 2010 does VSTO begin to make sense. And VS and Office are again connected nearly as well as they were in the VB6 era. I’d be prepared to argue that in fact with ExcelDNA, VS and Excel are actually better connnected now than in 1998.

I was actually thinking of moving some of my life into the cloud (contacts calendar etc) but I havent yet – have you.

Was anyone here an avid Wave fan? (Ross?) what will you do with all your spare time now?

What social networking type sites do you frequent?



5 Responses to “Wave Wave goodbye”

  1. Gordon Says:

    I says something when even techheads and seasoned pros like us couldn’t get our head round what Wave was.

    No doubt elements of Wave will resurface in future Google projects though, and the big G never wastes an opportunity to capture data and make good use of it so I doubt they’re too narked by its abject failure.

    I’m pretty much married to Google nowadays, I certainly have more interaction with Google than I do with my wife (I buy her flowers so she doesn’t suspect a thing) – GMail, Calendar, Reader, Contacts, Docs, You Tube and an Android phone see to that.

    Facebook never really did it for me, although as a way of organising nights out bewteen far-flung mates it is peerless, and after a slow start (and much to my surprise) I find that Twitter has the right mix of good linkage, irreverent humour and piss taking to keep me involved. Critically though I mainly follow people I *don’t* know, at least initially, as opposed to the Facebook paradigm of people you are supposed to know (and like?!).

  2. ross Says:

    Oh dear!

    Wave good bye, say hello?

    I did try wave, but I couldn’t talk to anyone because no one else was on it!!! I even had a wave embedded on my blog, but I had to take it down cause it was killing the site some how.

    Yeah I thought wave was pretty good, I reckon if e-mail was designed today it would look a lot like goggle wave, I guess it’s just ahead of it’s time for every one else apart from me, and that Dutch guy from google ;-)!!!

    Funny enough, I’m just putting together an article for work about using Social Media in the supply chain. I’m well web 2 me.

    I’m on LinkedIn, and Twitter, I had to come of Facebook because it was getting me in trouble with the missus!

  3. Jayson Says:

    I liked the concept of Wave. I used it for a few weeks with my business partner, but it never felt like a natural way to communicate.

    As for doing things online, I pretty much live there. I’m a tax preparer, and all of our software is web based. We have all of our client documents shared in secure client portals. The only thing I can’t justify doing online is any spreadsheet work. gDocs is aweful. Office Live isn’t much better. And the functionality that is lost is too much of a barrier for me.

    Social media has been a key marketing tool for our business, in addition to being a way to keep up with personal contacts.

  4. Marcus from London Says:

    Wave. Yawn.

    “now with VS 2010 and Office 2010 … I’d be prepared to argue that in fact with ExcelDNA, VS and Excel are actually better connnected now than in 1998.”

    Now you’ve got my attention. Do you have any decent references/resources you can point your loyal followers to?

  5. Data recovery software Says:

    I’m not surprised Google Wave…d goodbye! I want employees spending their time and energy on my company’s business, not on learning to operate a software vendor’s latest revolutionary system … every few years … in order to transact my company’s business. Once it passed that and everyone had a Wave account, my friends, co-workers, classmates and I all find it invaluable.
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