Where are all the fake iPads???

When the iPads first came out I wasnt that interested in the form factor. I have recently though started to see some sense in it (sick of lugging my magnificent Macbook all over ofter just to read stuff).

I took a look at the Apple iPad and it’s just a bit too locked down for me. I want an Android one (Or Unbuntu – I’m not proud) so I can run my beloved firefox. But where are they?

There are drips and drips of 7 inch ones but thats no use to me. 9, 10 or 11 inches seems the sweet spot in my mind. Everyone is talking, no one is delivering. I believe that well known pc retailer Next (?) (thats right the clothes shop!) are selling the iPed. Some dodgy Far eastern look alike. But where are the well thought out, reliable, properly reviewed versions from well known manufacturers?

The blackberry thing seems ok but it too is too small.

If there is no sign by xmas I may have to ask santa to just get me a iPad (and a jailbreak).

Anyone else awaiting the overdue arrival of the iPad competition?

If you have and iPad or similar is it any good? useful?



11 Responses to “Where are all the fake iPads???”

  1. mikewoodhouse Says:

    Looks like 10″ may be possible: http://www.androidtabletpcs.co.uk/10-android-tablets.html

  2. Hiran de Silva Says:

    >If you have and iPad or similar is it any good? useful?<<

    Yup. I show a quick screencast of my Excel interfaces (Trees and stuff) in pubs and business seminars and they go 'whaaaaat? is that Excel'? Helps carry your portfolio around. I got all my techie books on pdf on it (I use GoodReader).

    DropBox and Evernote for iPad help if working on the cloud. Reach your stuff from any device. Early days for me though.

    Also, in the pub, the Adobe Ideas (drawing) app is good for taking the drinks orders and taking to the bar! Talking Tom and similar, great for breaking the ice at any party. You gotta try Magic Piano (and fake it like Lang Lang http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HvplGbCBaLA)

    Mine is 64Gb and 3G. Still only 25% full. Word of warning – the more your hard drive fills up the heavier it gets. (only kidding!)

  3. Bob Phillips Says:

    I agree Simon. I am very averse to Apple’s closed policy, but the concept is ideal. I am waiting, hoping, for a droid version, but like you I might succumb to a dreaded iPad if it doesn’t turn up soon. A smartphone is fine for email, Twitter, notes etc., but for on the move browsing, an iPad is ideal. Hiran’s idea is good too.

    Just had an idea, maybe I will buy Lynne one for Christmas, it would suit her perfectly.

  4. m-b Says:

    I’m waiting for the Notion Ink Adam:


    It has a screen that can switch between a ‘normal’ screen and a black and white e-reader screen.

  5. Peter Ms Says:

    Look here for all the links you need, but beware!


  6. Bob Phillips Says:

    @m-b, Looks very nice!

  7. Marcus from London Says:

    I’m in exactly the same predicament. Don’t want the restrictive iPad but would certainly fork out for something in that size range. The most compelling I’ve seen so far is the announced but (like all the others) yet to be released German WeTab.

  8. Harlan Grove Says:

    In the movie Red Planet one of the props was the equivalent of an iPad but on a thin, flexible, possibly transparent sheet of material. I’ll hold out for something like that (if I live so long).

    My eyes have reached the point where it’s a bad idea to use LCDs for recreational reading. I haven’t tried either Kindle or Nook, but if they have little or no flicker and work moderately well in sunlight, then there’s no chance I’d ever buy an iPad.

  9. Neal O'nions Says:

    Had one since launch (3G 32MB) and it still gets used daily but not for business. Great for RSS, Email, reading newspaper (Times at present), watching ad hoc tv and tourism – well used on recent weekend to Paris. Surprisingly the killer feature is ad-hoc sharing of photos and video. Don’t think about the Apple spreadsheet ap tho…

    I used to go with Bob’s view of ‘open’ but quite frankly I’m happy these days in what seems to me a safer iOS sandboxed world which just tends to work, even if not always quite how I’d like. I don’t want to have to be Geeky all the time!

    Buying again I’d probably go for a base model.

  10. Rob Bruce Says:



  11. Simon Says:


    I’m going to agree with Jobs on the size issue (without bothering to check his calcs of course).

    And it does look like its Apple or Apple for the next 6-12 month till Android tablet s ready. Or Windows 7 I guess (Thats a joke)

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