The tablets are coming

Or fondleslabs as El reg prefers.

Having waited 6m for an Android tablet it looks like we’ll be spoilt for choice in Q1 2011.

But having discovered my Mac can sleep for days on end on battery and be instantly on when I open the lid, and it runs Ubuntu, a tablet is suddenly looking a little less compelling. Especially as I spent invested my tablet budget on a snowboard.

It looks like H1 will be an invasion of weird and wonderful, as manufacturers try to improve on Apples take. I expect it will all calm back down by Q4 with 7″ and 10″ tablets, netbooks and notebooks. I think a 15″ tablet would be very interesting for reading stuff and presenting – and still easier than the average tabloid.

What size/use do you envisage?




One Response to “The tablets are coming”

  1. Marcus from London Says:

    Right now I have an Acer netbook which I use mainly for 3 things: Reading, Email, Music. I did look at a Samsung tab for the reading aspect (it has a larger screen than a Kindle) which is fine for novels, but I do a lot of technical reading. Thus my temptation steers more towards 10″. iPad is too closed as system for my liking but right now I’m liking this…

    A friend of mine bought a Samsung tab and actually uses it as a phone (bluetooth earpeice). He preferred that fact that he could shove it in his jacket sky rocket.

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