PowerPivot training

Just spotted this PowerPivot BI power Excel user training course.

I got the link from here where I like to go to keep up with the MS OLAP BI world. As it happens I was drawn there this time by talk of a shift in direction for Analysis Services (SSAS). As I have a big Essbase project on at the moment, I am in a bit of a BI love-in just now.

I could have been tempted to attend the pp course myself but I have something else on those 2 days. But it does remind me I was thinking of organising an Excel dev conf around then, maybe more to the end of Feb. Would anyone be up for speaking or attending an Excel conf in 6-10 weeks time?

Is anyone planning on attending this pp course?

Anyone working on PowerPivot projects right now?

Anyone working on SSAS? Or Essbase?



11 Responses to “PowerPivot training”

  1. workerthread Says:

    I’ve been working with clients on several PowerPivot POCs and found that Excel analysts like what they see (particularly if they use VLookup a lot with imported data). Still some downside with data refresh unless you have SharePoint 2010 Enterprise though and absolutely no VBA support right now. See my post here http://workerthread.wordpress.com/2010/11/24/power-to-the-pivot/

    BTW I would 100% recommend the PowerPivot book from the guys running the training session.

  2. Hiran de Silva Says:

    Ooops, my comment disappeared into oblivion …
    Got the book by these guys (and all the others too). I would add that learning PP is a ‘do’ rather than a learn (so not attending), and having a real ‘user’ need for slice and dice analysis helps.
    Yes, hoping to use PP as an add-on bonus to next project.
    Yes, not much programmability in v1.

  3. Ken Puls Says:

    Too bad the training isn’t web based. A little far to travel from Canada to get there.

    Definitely working with PowerPivot here. Great piece of software that will add some real power to our reporting for certain.

    • Bob Phillips Says:

      You’re an old skinflint Puls, you expect me to travel, but you won’t.

      Did you see my blog post on using PP to analyse the recent cricket Tests in Australia?

      • dougaj4 Says:

        Analyse the latest cricket tests in Australia?

        Why would anyone want to do that? ;)

      • Ken Puls Says:

        What are you talking about? I came to visit you last time, it’s your turn. ;)

        And yes, I saw your post on the ashes. Only one problem with it… I don’t have enough context on cricket to really get any meaning from the data. Even PowerPivot isn’t going to change that. But it LOOKS cool!

  4. Simon Says:

    Sorry Hiran I cleared out the spam bucket before I noticed. Seems if you mention training in a blog post you disappear under a deluge of link spam for anything from porn actor training to SEO training to dog training collars.

  5. Bob Phillips Says:

    I did think about it, but a) I may be away, b) it is and expensive, c) their Excel is somewhat lacking as I feel the book attests. I was hoping to do a PowerPivot evening in a pub one evening in Feb, but my colleague who was looking to arrange the pub has been unsuccessful (something called Valentine’s day seems to get in the way), so maybe we will do it in March.

  6. Bob Phillips Says:

    I notice that the London event is £1,100 per delegate, whereas Frankfurt is €1,100, which at today’s rate of 1.185 Euros to the pound means that UK pay an extra €200. This habit of just charging the same number for pounds is a shady practice IMO, very unfair.

  7. Simon Says:

    Makes our Excel devs confs remarkably good value!
    Maybe they were expecting gbp/eur parity again.

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