they are all at it

Google got a slapped wrist recently about claims they punted their own services about others in search results.

So imagine my surprise when searching for a practical personal transportation solution that I came across the suggestion that 8% eventually go on the buy a kindle.


Is that x% buy a kindle on every page?

Surely everyone is waiting for the next first batch of Windows fake iPads? Or the Android ones…



2 Responses to “they are all at it”

  1. Harlan Grove Says:

    Begs the question whether Amazon could sell Nooks or other competitors’ single-purpose reading devices. If I were Barnes & Noble I’m not sure Amazon would be at the top of my vendor list.

    If, as I suspect, Amazon doesn’t exclude XMAS shopping data from their ‘other customers also bought . . .’ correlation calculations, this particular result doesn’t seem unreasonable to me.

  2. ross Says:

    well I’ve been looking for about a year , and I still can’t find one that looks any good with andriod, also all the reviwes that I’ve seen are pap.

    This is interesting, and clearly wrong!

    25% of tablet sale to enterprise? don’t think so

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