Drinks in Das Krapital

I’ll be visiting our wonderful capital next week and wondered if anyone fancied meeting up for a drink?

I’ll be in the City somewhere, obviously I havent sorted accom yet (or travel…), but I will.

Proposed topics of conversion:

  1. What should be in Excel 15
  2. Is VBA better than C#
  3. Skateboarding injuries
  4. Why you could do better than Ballmer
  5. Who can drink the most
  6. Favourite curry dishes
  7. Quotes from the above book (fave so far – ‘eye cabbage’)
  8. What happened to the SOS post rate?
  9. Other emergent topics…
  10. suggestions welcome

If you fancy meeting up somewhere in the liverpool street area next Wednesday 2nd Feb for drinks and maybe a curry then let me know.



12 Responses to “Drinks in Das Krapital”

  1. Hiran de Silva Says:

    I’d be delighted to! Love to hear views on No 2 and 1. For No 3 I’ll bring some plasters, that’ll help with No 5 if anyone fancies getting plastered. LOL! Can I add No 11 Sir? Excel VBA custom dev (for C#) vs SAP BPC (Outlooksoft) – anyone had experience of BPC?

  2. Mike Staunton Says:

    Excellent – count me in too – though I’ll take a rain check on the curry

  3. Marcus from London Says:

    Sounds like a plan. Let us know the place you had in mind once you get your accomodation sorted.

    11. Contracting abroad (Switerland). This ma be a little misleading as technically I’m currently working abroad :P

  4. Bob Phillips Says:

    If you go for a curry, give the Marsala Zone n Floral Street a very, very wide berth.

  5. Simon Says:

    Bob – I’d be happy to go to that place we went last time, but I have a vague recollection it was nearer to Victoria. Andy will know…
    Marcus – it will be good to finally meet up after so many near misses. Any pub suggestions in the lpool st/ lndn wall area? and yep swiss opps is a good agenda addition.
    Mike – good show – pubs?
    Hiran – good call on C#, no idea on BPC, and plastered is the plan.

  6. Marcus from London Says:

    Smack across the road from Liverpool Street station is ‘The Railway Tavern’.
    Disclaimer: I spent some time at UBS across the road


  7. Andy Pope Says:

    You thinking about this place Simon?

    If so it’s about a 10 min walk from and a 15 minute stumble back to Liverpool Street station. There is also a decent pub a few doors down.

    Wherever you decide to drink/eat I will come along.

  8. Bob Phillips Says:

    Aah, Andy beat me to it. I was going to say our last curry was at the Curry Leaf (took my wife there last week, very busy), when Bill Benson picked up the tab. The one in Victoria was the Victoria Tandoori (I am looking at it right now) when I missed the train. I won’t be joining you, and I bet Marcus doesn’t either.

  9. Marcus from London Says:


    I’m pretty sure there’s a pint in there somewhere

  10. Simon Says:

    game on for railway tavern that Marcus suggested I’ll be there from 6ish as I’m on holiday – workers join when you can!

  11. Biggus Dickus Says:

    Better make sure it’s good curry or the boys’ll bitch about it :-) . I personally liked the curry we had but I was sick so maybe my taste-buds weren’t at their best.

    Regardless – I am very jealous of “all you all” for getting together for beers and curry in London Town.

    I assume this get-together is already happening as I type. I on the other hand will be going out for an outside patio dinner in Beautiful Orlando Florida this evening with wife and Grandkids – almost as good :-)

    My best to everyone.


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