London Drinks Wed 2nd Feb

Lets go for the Railway Tavern that Marcus suggested opposite Liverpool st station.

here is the link

I’ll be there from 6 ish probably. I’ll try and get somewhere near the door, because if its the place I’m thinking of it has about 100 different rooms and alcoves. Later we can then go on to the place Andy suggested and on for a ruby.

Somewhat less importantly, is now back on line, so all of you who couldnt sleep during the crisis can rest easy now. And I think my normal email is back on line although anything sent the last few days has disappeared forever. (Thanks my ISP!)




4 Responses to “London Drinks Wed 2nd Feb”

  1. Marcus from London Says:


    It was an absolute pleasure catching up with you all this evening. While I couldn’t stay for the curry, it was great to engage in beer and banter.

    Surely this was an occasion we should frequent more often; if only Simon would get his butt in to London more often. :P

    All the best

  2. Mike Staunton Says:

    No, Bob the elusive Marcus was indeed there – and Andy confirm that I was there as well

  3. Marcus from London Says:

    Actually I am just winding you up Bob :D

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