More blogging coming

A significant change in circumstances means I should have a bit of time for blogging, at least for the next couple of months.

I sacked my job off!

I had a really good job, working with nice people, using interesting technology to address important business issues. Then incompetent IT mismanagement got involved…

I’m not very good at doing pointless busy-work, especially when critical business problems that are trivial to fix are left whilst everyone focuses on write only documentation and MicroMcManagement issues like task lists, micro time recording, tick lists, etc.

So if anyone knows anyone looking for a business oriented developer who prefers delivering usable apps to documentation no one will read, give me a shout. I expect to work in collaboration with the eventual users, not conflict.



5 Responses to “More blogging coming”

  1. Mike Staunton Says:

    Hope something comes up – in the meantime, enjoy the snow

  2. Simon Says:

    sure glad I didn’t take that job in Bahrain!

    snow a bit limited here at the mo, but it has snowed in the hills recently so we will take a look this w/e

  3. ross Says:

    Thats quite hardcore! I wish I could do that! Good for you.

  4. Simon Says:

    Skiing this weekend or sacking your job?

    Binning jobs (or as us professionals call it – ‘pursuing new opportunities outside the company’) is easy. Its putting up with the kids moaning about holes in their shoes that’s hard.

  5. AlexJ Says:

    One of the few benefits of being a consultant is the ability fire your customer. Guts required. Nice call.

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