XLL news

I have picked up a few snippets recently:

JetXLL is no more, the developers instead suggesting potential customers consider ExcelDNA.

It is testament to how mature Excel DNA already is, that commercial endeavours are now diverting potential customers that way. Its also testament to how important is this ‘.net to Excel UDF’, that so many people are using (and developing) these sort of bridge tools. Why Microsoft is incapable is beyond me. (Well its not actually but that’s another story).

KALX has made available a zip of their xll library. I demo’ed this lib at the xl dev conf in lndn a few months back (watch out for news of the May 2011 event!) its staggeringly easy to use. And now with direct access to the zip rather than needing an svn client its easy to download too. Well worth a look.

I’ll write up my thoughts and experiences with these and other tools as time goes on in my new ‘time with family’ mode.



3 Responses to “XLL news”

  1. Keith Says:

    Hi Simon,

    Thanks for the plug. It was bloody difficult making it staggeringly easy to use. :-)

    I’ve moved the xll library to http://xll.codeplex.com for better visibility and support. There are zip files for every version and you can browse the code online too.


  2. Charles Williams Says:

    The next version of XLL+ is apparently imminent, supports XL 2010 and 64-bit.

  3. Simon Says:

    Thanks for the update Keith, I’ll take a look over at codeplex.

    Charles, I was going to mention that, but then there was no mention on their site. It will also have much better .net wrapping abilities.

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