Eusprig 2011

This years spreadsheet risk and quality extravaganza is almost upon us. 

It is exactly just less than a month away in mid July.

You can book here.

I am not presenting this year, as I thought I would let someone else have a turn speaking (and of course I missed the submission deadline).

In fact I probably wont be attending as I’m not sure where I will be working/holidaying then.

I would be expecting a good talk from Patrick as we worked together this year on a few spreadsheet related projects. Indeed he came face to face with the source of several of my formula horrors from previous years!

oh looks like he is not presenting this year, but on the bright side there is some more original research on the power (or not) of range names, amongst other interesting papers.

Here is the (current) draft outline schedule.

Are you going?



2 Responses to “Eusprig 2011”

  1. Bob Phillips Says:

    AT EUR 150 I might have gone, but at EUR 395, I don’t think I will. Shame, I would like to hear the names sceptics, and argue my case with them.

    BTW, there is another programme pdf at ACcording to this, Patrick is chairing the Session 2 Plenary?

  2. Patrick O'Beirne Says:

    Click to access 2011_programme.pdf

    is the programme cleaned up by a proper designer.
    yes, I’m chairing a session.
    I was too tired after work on those spreadsheets Simon mentioned to get a paper together on time. (Scary thought: after a while you get used to those formula horrors)
    But when I’m not chairing I can always heckle / support / contribute / …
    Not to be missed are
    “Spreadsheets in Financial Departments” (statistics on spreadsheets like the above)
    “From Good Practices to Effective Policies for Preventing Errors in Spreadsheets”

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