Well done the EU

I don’t mind sticking the boot in when someone needs it, but I think its only fair to recognise good sense too.

So well done the EU for giving Amazon the slap they needed.

I’m all for patent protection for genuine invention, but I’m not a fan of software patents, business process patents, or silly walk patents, or patenting the bleedin’ obvious. Good job I’m in Europe then.

I was just casting my eye over the nonsense that Microsoft is trying to use to keep itself relevant against the Android onslaught. (I think I googled silly patents!) Barrel, bottom, scrape are 3 words that come to mind. (Fail might be a fourth :-))

I’ll stop now before this goes rantward.

What do you think about software patents and the monumental legal feeding frenzy they have created in the US? good thing? or bad thing?




2 Responses to “Well done the EU”

  1. fastexcel Says:

    Software Patents are probably the most idiotic idea I have come across in the last 20 years. No software developer has the faintest idea how many of these idiot things are infringed by their code, and if they tried to find out it would take so much time they would never write any code anyway.
    I tried reading a few software patents and it was absolutely impossible to work out what they were patenting because the language used was so broad, vague and imprecise. The only good news is that the ones you can understand are so bleeding obvious that its hard to avoid laughing at the joke.
    We are obviously in entirely the wrong career path: there is much more money to be made as a software patent lawyer than as a developer.

  2. Simon Says:

    too true Charles, if I did this solely for the money I wouldn’t do it.

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