Love Waterfall

Waterfall methodologies are my favourite. Hopefully you all know waterfall to some extent : gather requirements, analyse, design, build test release, bask in glory. All in one single easy to timetable unidirectional flow.

The modern fashion for more agile, more dynamic, more interactive, more iterative development approaches might have some advantages over waterfall, but it certainly doesn’t offer the Excel opportunities.

I hate to imagine how much of my work has been rescuing some drowning waterfall style project, or just bypassing it altogether. If that client had been using something a bit more agile, my kids would be even skinnier.

I still find it pretty comical to find organisations trying to force their software development into waterfall because their business and project processes are too immature to cope with the reality of software development.

As I am currently looking for my next contract, the job descriptions can really raise some red flags.

  • SAP – I always avoid these, job for life, but total death march
  • ‘Specify and transmit requirements’ – waterfall
  • ‘MS project’ – waterfall, microMcmanagement
  • ‘All phases’ – waterfall
  • ‘SDLC’ – waterfall, can be mitigated by mention of iteration or something agile.
  • Visio – drawing and writing about sw dev rather than doing it – waterfall all over.
  • Others?

What are your red flags when looking at jobs/projects:

Sorry for the lack of post btw, had a change of location, new contract, another change of location, and a big holiday, and now a new short term contract.

I hope you all had as good a summer as me, (unless you are just coming out of the winter – then good winter)

Can i promise to up the post rate?

probably ;-)



4 Responses to “Love Waterfall”

  1. Patrick O'Beirne Says:

    An easy flag is the rate :-)
    I wonder what the result of this ad was? outsourced to India?

    Location:Liverpool , :£15 – £20 per hour Job type:Contract
    “Advanced SQL, .Net, C#, SSIS, Web security and user access control. … strong working knowledge of MS Office including VBA and advance Excel. Also Java Script, AJAX, version management, Cascading Style Sheets and Web Design … experience of the European energy markets, working in risk departments or experience of risk modelling techniques “

  2. Marcus from London Says:

    One of my favourites flags is the word ‘enthusiastic’ in the job spec. ‘Enthusiastic’, as we all know, is a euphemism for masochistic.

    The rates is definitely a flag when it’s attached to a ‘Dear Santa’ wish list like Patrick’s.

    Another is Project Manager/BA or (even worse) PM/Developer.

  3. Charles Says:

    Excel VBA is always my red flag ;)

  4. Simon Says:


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