DIY PC meddling

One of the kids managed to break his laptop screen a while ago, its an Acer netbook. I was tempted to bin it but decided to investigate replacing the screen. The damage is not very clear from the pic, it was the internal structure that broke not the face of the screen, most of the marks you see are kid slime. (you know, sweets, snot, that sort of thing). I should have a taken a photo before I disconnected it, but there you go…

looking at this, replacing it didn’t look to bad.

And looking here ( – link removed by request), replacements aren’t very expensive. Of course you can only get glossy now rather then the easy to see matt ones originally fitted.

Anyway the screen came on time/quickly and painlessly, it was well packed, undamaged and fitted. All good things.

Following the vid, it was pretty straightforward, took under an hour and actually worked when I turned it back on. All good things. And I didn’t have any spare screws or connectors or anything. Another good thing.

I find this informational side of the internet incredibly useful. Have you taken a punt on something that you wouldn’t have considered without successful internet research?



14 Responses to “DIY PC meddling”

  1. Gordon Says:

    I decided I would change the bearing on my washing machine after looking at the procedure and comparing the cost vs. a new machine (£15 vs. £600).

    After a full week of toil, a further £90 for the spider assembly the guides said ‘would probably be required’ (I’m an optimist so figured I could get away without it), excessive use of a 2lb hammer and a lot of swearing I did indeed have a fixed washing machine.

    Man satisfaction factor 10/10
    Would do it again factor 0/10

  2. excelandaccess Says:

    My Dell M1330 screeen went out, had very bringth vertical lines and then zap, out she went. Now my Dell 27 inch screen has vertical lines. So much money and 3 years is about all I can get out of them, maybe the 16 hour days is too much. But the Macs do just fine?

  3. Marcus from London Says:

    I jumped on a plane and flew from Melbourne, Australia to London to find contracting work based on online research. I’d been monitoring the London market for a while – researching rates, vacancies, liasing with agents, sending out my CV – online before taking the plunge.

    Would never have considered it without the capacity to the research online.

  4. Oli Says:

    I used the internet to research the skills to gut, skin and then butcher a deer carcass that happened to come my way. The only trouble was avoiding getting any detritus on my laptop. I have now done 4 of them and my turn around time has reduced significantly! :) I bet you weren’t expecting this sort of comment…?

    • Simon Says:

      Roe or Red, or them littl’uns we don’t get oop north?
      And no, it wasn’t quite the topic I had in mind…but still a good use. Have you got an easy clean keyboard?

      • Oli Says:

        Roe or Fallow. Not sure, but now the freezer is packed full we call it venison :) The keyboard stayed quite clean. I became quite good with my elbows, or the got the wife to page down if she was passing.

  5. Charles Says:

    iPhone screen replacement.

    My son has a habit of thinking it can fly.

  6. excelandaccess Says:

    Can you replace the screen on an iPhone? My daughter cracked her’s. They do give you a free phone every two years. She just had to pay tax for a free 3G-S.

  7. Harlan Grove Says:

    For me the hugely wonderful thing about the internet is the availability of user guides for nearly all our appliances and electronics.

  8. charles Says:

    @excelandaccess – Yes, it’s a easy repair. Got the parts off eBay, and following one of the many youTube videos takes about 20 to do.

  9. Simon Says:

    Anyone know how to fix shitty blackberries where the earphone and speaker phone intermittently stop working?
    I am having a phone nightmare at the moment…

  10. Adam Vero Says:

    Several DIY-style things:
    – replacement screen on Sony Vaio laptop which got trodden on in the dark. Job went fine, although replacement now failed too and has a bright line down the middle and it’s too old to be worth replacing any more (machine works fine, especially connected to external monitor).

    – replacing main element of oven. Not so much for finding instructions to do it (I figured that out, albeit the thermostat part was super-fiddly), but being able to confidently source an exact replacement part.

    most impressive to date: Panasonic PVR would no longer record Digital TV channels. Playback absolutely fine but essentially the DVB tuner had bust. Dad had similar problem and got it fixed for about £40. I found detailed instructions online to disassemble and check if a particular capacitor had blown (it had), then order a replacement and solder in place of old one. Cost? 40 pence plus an hour or so of effort.

    T’internet brings this information to everyone which I think is also why people bother to post the stuff in the first place. Similarly I will give loads of my time freely in various support forums, but won’t answer questions posed by direct message or email (I direct them to the forums). I’m happy to give up my time knowing that lots of people can benefit, but not for just one person (that’s what consulting fees are for, right?)

    I think the other big change is digital cameras in so many devices make it really easy for people to do a great how-to guide with useful detailed shots, easy to take, crop, draw on, and upload. Taking real photos, scanning them and so on just doesn’t do the same job with as little effort (and almost zero cost). More and more videos appearing too, for same reasons.

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