Reader Request

I have had a request from a blog reader:

It would appear there is some pent up demand for another Excel developer conference…

The plan is to hold an event in January 2012 in London. If there is enough interest…

If you would like to attend a one day event covering all manner of content relevant to commercial Excel developers then please leave a comment below. The price would be in the 1-300 GBP range. There will of course be a full social scene too. And I seem to recall Ross promising to sort out the tee-shirts this time as he wasn’t happy with my performance.

Eusprig is moving to Manchester for 2012 (its in July) so I would be willing (again if enough interest) to arrange a second event oop north in the same week as Eusprig. Again leave a comment if you would be likely to attend.

If there is enough interest I will put together a proposal agenda and see what people think. If you would like to present and feel you have a topic fellow devs would be interested in, or should be interested in, then drop me an email.



22 Responses to “Reader Request”

  1. Jon Says:

    Would it be streamed?

  2. Simon Says:

    not live, but the plan is to video it

  3. Stephen Allen Says:

    I’m certainlly interested.

    Having reached the ripe old age of 60, I’ve decided to open up the company software (Working Papers and Tools in Excel) to free download and code inspection. This will happen sometime in the new year.

    I’d like to promote the software use and demo some of the facilities. It remains wedded (as do I) to the dark ages of Excel 2003. I will leave it to you to decide whether there should be an emphasis on Excel 2010 etc.

    You already know that I have other interests, in particular associated with managing human intervention in the process of solving spreadsheet based problems, I am still keen to get a hearing for this.

  4. andy Says:

    Always interested in a conference, missed having one this year.

  5. David Jessop Says:

    Hi, I enjoyed the 2010 one and would be interested in one next year.

  6. Jon Says:

    I would be interested in seeing video. Not up for traveling so far though.

  7. Biggus Dickus Says:

    Will she be there ??? :-)

  8. Simon Says:

    Would it boost attendance?

  9. Biggus Dickus Says:

    Is that Mrs. Smurf BTW ??

    And yes it would :-)

  10. Simon Says:

    No its not the delightful madame smurf.
    I could get a couple of trolley dollys to walk round the room after each presentation like at a boxing match if that would make the flight worthwhile??

    BTW thanks for everyone offering to present, had some great offers, still more slots available though…

  11. spursfan Says:

    Not sure how she managed to get hold of one of the exclusive polo shirts as I don’t remember seeing her in 2010!

    Count me in – and happy to provide the biscuits and orange juice

  12. Biggus Dickus Says:

    If I’m over there I’d be glad to present. I just may be there around that time. I’ll keep you posted.


  13. Andy Pope Says:

    If I recall correctly, and that’s highly unlikely, she may have been part of that “full social scene” Simon was alluding to…

  14. Simon Says:

    Yes thats right Andy.
    For those who didn’t come last time, there was about 20 attractive ladies who followed us around all night. As soon as they heard we were Excel geeks they wouldn’t leave us alone. I guess the same will happen this time…

  15. Bob Phillips Says:

    All I can recall is a bunch of Excel saddoes and Bill Benson! Is my memory going as well?

  16. Jelle-Jeroen Lamkamp Says:

    I’m interested …
    I went two years ago .. had a great time .. but the toppics look way better…
    Hope the drinks after would be as nice though

  17. Martin David Rushton Says:

    Bob are you excluding Bill Benson from Excel saddoes? ;-)

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  19. Johnny C Says:

    I would be interested in a Madchester event

  20. UK Excel Developer Conference 2012 « Methods In Excel Says:

    […] news. Simon is doing another one next year (2012), Wednesday 25 Jan, The Skills Matter Exchange, […]

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