Excel Developer Conference London Jan 2012

Well folks there has been a really positive response so we are game on for an event towards the end of Jan in Londonium.

I will sort out a more detailed draft agenda as things settle down with the speakers, but to give you some idea…

The following topic areas are likely to make it into the agenda

  • Excel Business Intelligence
  • PowerPivot and DAX
  • Migrating from VBA to ExcelDNA with VB.net
  • Aerobics
  • Effective Excel Add-ins with VSTO
  • Technology independent software development
  • Beer and chips (and gravy)
  • Practical advice on commercialising your add-ins/workbooks.
  • Various approaches to XLL development
  • Hairdressing
  • Excel and XML
  • Chess boxing
  • Quick tips for effective VBA use.
  • Programming paradigms and how they can help or hinder, a history lesson
  • My snowboarding holiday
  • A smart way to build spreadsheets
  • Beer
  • Curry

I am hoping the broad agenda will attract a diverse set of delegates…

Please start spreading the word: UK Excel conference Jan 2012 London…

I still need to sort a venue, but I am aiming for one day the week ending Fri 27th, probably the Tue or Wed.

Our friends at Microsoft have generously donated some gifts which we will give away on the day in return for cleverest question, dumbest question, nicest biscuits, most beer drunk, that sort of thing.

This event is specifically targeted at the more technical audience. The plan is to have a follow up event in July in Madchester. That event will be more user oriented and less developer oriented.

If you have any other suggestions for topics please let us know below.



15 Responses to “Excel Developer Conference London Jan 2012”

  1. excelandaccessChristopher Says:

    Sounds like a great event. Wish I was in country so I could go.

    Is that Madchester or Manchester? I have a friend in Manchester, Ben, he might attend. He works with my firm.

  2. Simon Says:

    Manchester is indeed Madchester, especially for us Hac51 vets.

    and I shouldnt worry about distance, we have possible presenters from California, Ontario and the extremely lively vibrant and exciting Lake Geneva area.

  3. sysmod Says:

    That’s a great agenda!
    As well as ‘smart’, consider ‘safe’ … kind of longer-term smartness.

  4. Simon Says:

    Patrick, it goes without saying that smart is safe surely?

    • sysmod Says:

      “it goes without saying that smart is safe surely?” – You’re right but I believe in saying it anyway :-)
      Like “Rapid Development”, speed includes the avoidance of wasted time & effort from low quality. And not just the individual efficiency of the dev, nor of the IT team, but the whole business time & effort on the problem that the dev is helping them solve / cope with.

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  7. Jon Says:

    I would definitely be interested in watching the video on this. Hopefully the audio turns out well too, it’s always a bit annoying when it is difficult to hear the speaker or person asking a question. Do you have past conferences on video too?

  8. Mike Shallcross Says:

    Sounds really interesting as well as practical, though I might have to give the hairdressing session a miss…

  9. Harimau Says:

    I’m probably being a bit daft, but is there a way of registering our interest so we don’t have to keep checking the website?

  10. excelprodev Says:

    Excellent! – would love to attend…

  11. Simon Says:

    Yes – you can either drop me an email or subscribe to the Excel User conf blog here:

  12. Excel Developer Conference in London, Jan 2012 Says:

    […] Murphy’s blog, the project to organize a UK Excel Developer conference 2012 in London quickly took shape. As of now, the planned date is in the January 24 to 26 range, with a pretty cool agenda, […]

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