Dead Acer Aspire one


So the same netbook whose screen broke a few weeks ago suddenly died last week.

The odd light came on and the fan whirred but the screen was dead.

Following a largely proven theory that the last change probably caused the latest issue, I assumed my screen replacement had somehow failed. I reached straight for the screwdriver to check the leads and swap out the new for the old (which still lit up but was unreadable – therefore a reasonable test). Sadly this did not fix my issue.

Because I had the screwy in my had I pulled the whole thing to bits following the magnificent instructions here.

A quick blow around of the dust and general tyre kicking confirmed I had no clue what the problem or the solutions was. So I put it all in a box and left it. (I marked all the bits up this time so I could put it back together without too many spares left over).

Fast forward this week and a bit of googling laterz and I tripped over this article which seemed too good to be true. Just reformat one of my bazillion usb drives (not one of the magnificent Office 2010 ones MS have given for our conference in Jan of course) and flash the BIOS.

Obviously I had to rebuild my box of nuts and bots first, but bloody hell… IT WORKED!.

Still no idea what caused it so I will assume operator error, no idea if this is a permanent fix or if the usage pattern means its likely to happen again.

Anyway there you go if you have a Acer Aspire one that suddenly refuses to start up try the BIOS before wasting hours with a screwdriver.



ps I don’t have a single screw or bent bit of plastic left over!

One Response to “Dead Acer Aspire one”

  1. Marcus from London Says:

    Nice saga, Simon. Yes I do have an Aspire one which I mainly use for reading, which is why I’m eyeing off one of these for Christmas…

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