Not an MVP

Just a quick clarification – as people are starting to congratulate me on my MVP-ness.

I am not an MVP.

It seems some of the info about our upcoming Excel developer conference (you are coming right?) mistakely assumed I was an MVP. which I am not.

Many of the other speakers at our Excel Developer conference in January in London UK are though, in Excel and VSTO.

Get ready with your credit card for when I finally organise the booking and payment processing….



8 Responses to “Not an MVP”

  1. ross Says:

    Quite right too, only the best should be MVP’s not shoddy fly by night like you Murphy! ;-)

  2. Biggus Dickus Says:

    You’re an MMVP in our books Mr. Murphy…..

  3. JP Says:

    If I recall correctly, you wrote once that you were nominated but couldn’t be “arsed” to fill out some mega spreadsheet they sent you.

  4. fastexcel Says:

    Your Excel development skills FAR exceed that of many MVPs (certainly exceed mine but as you know thats not a very high hurdle). And your blog is great. And your beer-drinking talent is certainly up to scratch.
    If the selection of MVPs was based solely on talent you would be one.

    So it must be something else … (appropriate rude comments please)

  5. Martin Says:

    He doesn’t request enough people on Excel-L and other lists to send him a sample spreadsheet?

  6. Simon Says:

    Yeah JP has it right – tip from the top: if you are going to send me a form to fill in, and say its optional, save time by not sending it, cos I won’t be filling it out.
    Lazy? or focused?

  7. Simon Lloyd Says:

    Hi Guys, i’m owner and admin of it was my fault that this issue raised it’s ugly head, i always thought Smurf was an MVP so added it to the all the notices and newsletters that i arranged.

    Sorry Smurf……..but you really should fill that form out and save MY embarassment :)

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