The moment of truth

Laydeees and Gintelmen….

Drum roll please…….

The…January…2012…Excel…Developer…Conference…Booking…and …payment…page…is…online.

finally. phew.

I know I promised to get it up earlier, but hey, I’m a busy boy…

I was away all last week in busy meetings and drinkings with limited internet access and typing ability.

please don’t all book at once and kill the intarwebs.



3 Responses to “The moment of truth”

  1. Jon Says:

    So, to watch the videos later does that cost and how much?

  2. Simon Says:

    We will make a token effort to video the event. But the effort to do a decent job and all the editing required afterwards is not that appealing. And unlikely to be commercially viable.
    And there are certain legal issue in the UK, which make it even less appealing.
    So what I am saying is there may be some clips released as a marketing effort for future events but unless someone steps up to do a stack of admin and multiple days of editing for free, the full sessions are unlikely to see the light of day.
    But we are now taking bookings for physical attendance…

    • Jon Says:

      I don’t know much about video editing but I would be willing to do it. If you would point me to the most cost effective video software to do it. Of course, if the legal issues make it not viable then, not to much I can do on that front.

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