This morning smurf junior called out in some distress:
“arrgh, I think I’ve got that Ikea”
After a quick look around I confirmed that we were not overrun by moderately stylish, but somewhat flimsy self built homeware.
Turns out he had a tummy upset that resulted in something that rather amusingly just about ryhmes with Ikea.



2 Responses to “Ikea”

  1. Harlan Grove Says:

    Ah, the joys of a parent, finding amusement in bodily functions.

  2. Biggus Dickus Says:

    I had a wonderful interaction with my 5 year old Grandson a few months back where his Father finally bought his own vehicle after using one of mine for a couple of years. He says to me “Maybe now that Daddy has a new car he’ll let you use his old one some times (?)” I just loved that innocence and sweet caring attitude.

    Not exactly analogous to the Ikea story but just thought I’d mention it anyway while we’re in a cute kid mode.

    Thanx for this Simon .. too cute.


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