Conference Bookings Update

We have some…

A big thank you to those people who have already booked for the Excel Developer conference in January.

I have tidied up the bookings page so its slightly less cowboyish here.

And I have updated the Excel dev conf blog site, to reflect the Jan 2012 event rather than the Jun 2008 one ;-).

The sooner people book, the sooner we can decide if we need the Albert hall or a telephone box (both available at Skills Matter). And more importantly the sooner we can sort out the pub lunch. (and the curry).

And of course we are offering a 50 quid discount for people booking before 6th Jan to help you to help us. 200 now, 250 for johnny come latelies in Jan.

The ouline plan is:

  • Drinks Tue evening somewhere near the venue
  • Conf all day Wednesday
  • Drinks and curry, (or some other native British cuisine) Wed evening

If you have suggestions for pubs or can remember the best of the ones we visited last time then leave a comment.



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