LinkedIn comedy

I don’t really use LinkedIn, but I happened to be on there today and saw something that made me laugh.

Recently I was approached about doing some work for a potential client. After a brief discussion and issues with my availability (I didnt have any), the project went to someone else. No problem (for me), but lets just say the work was quite specific, oh I don’t know let just say taking some data from Excel and creating a drawing.

I skipped over one of the Excel groups on linkedIn and lo, a question from ‘recently’ : ‘How do you create a [specific type of] drawing from [a very particular type of] Excel data?’ Made me laugh…

No idea if it is exactly the same project, but its a pretty damn close coincidence. (I didn’t bother to look if it had been solved.)

At least they didn’t wait until I had scoped it out and incurred time and costs then blow me out on rate. Although I guess if the forum approach fails badly they could be back in touch. With even less budget having blown half of it on the failed hobbyist version.

This sort of thing always makes me wonder if I should move over to a server based tech so I am not always in competition with hobbyists? No disrespect at all, I got into VBA as a hobby because it was more interesting than my proper job. But I am not sure how many people would get into the nitty gritty of Oracle, or Sharepoint just for fun?

Any of you passed up some work only to see it hawked around the forums shortly after?



8 Responses to “LinkedIn comedy”

  1. Dick Kusleika Says:

    Yes I’ve seen that. But I’ve never seen the problem get solved in a forum.

  2. Rob Says:

    It’s par for the course for technologies with an easy entry path. I’ve had the same when I was doing PHP work – in fact I’ve given up on that completely because cheap, quick and dirty, hobbyist rubbish is pretty much considered industry standard in much of the PHP world.

    Could you cope with the project management nonsense that is part and parcel of the enterprisey world, though?

  3. Mawdo Says:

    It never fails to astounds me how much people on LinkedIn want answers to even the simplest of problems without being willing to work it out for themselves.

    I’m happy to help, if I can, where someone is stuck for inspiration but try to point in the right direction now rather than feed them.

  4. Pob Says:

    Seen similar although not quite the same – I briefly toyed with People Per Hour for filling the occasional day when I was free. I was approached by a potential client with a small job, a single day’s work, and offered him a job rate, with my usual guarantees. He came back to me and said he’d found someone who had said they’d do it for £10 and would I match it!

    I politely refused, and decided I didn’t want to play on that particular playing field.

  5. Charlie Hall Says:

    Funny, when I read your post, I immediately thought that another consultant landed the job, but then went to the forum to find the solution.

  6. Matt Doar Says:

    Yup, happens a few times per year. I usually reply to the post with a note about “when you and I were discussing this, I suggested such and such” to make it clear that there is some larger context to the question. Looking at it from the client’s side, it’s not a personal thing, they’re just trying to get a job done for the least amount of effort and money.

  7. Jon Says:

    That’s how I started out too, hobbyist, to hopefully getting paid more. I’ve been doing it for just over a year now but found I need to start learning .NET. But that’s what makes programming fun, you’re always learning.

    Haven’t been in it long enough to have the LinkedIn thing happen to me.

  8. Ross Says:

    I’ve seen similar things, I think I might have done it myself in the early days… but I guess being able to find the answer is as sale-able skill as any other?

    I wouldn’t give them the answer, btw.

    The thing I find amazing about linkedin is the questions that get asked, like a 2 seconds search will find an answer, which would be a much better method that asking on linkedin. AND people answer!!!! WHY!

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