5 years

I just noticed I have been blogging here for 5 years.

bloody hell!

5 Responses to “5 years”

  1. Christopher Says:

    Ha, that is pretty good. I hope you do it for another five years. One of my favorite blogs.


  2. Debra Dalgleish Says:

    Congratulations! Time sure flies on the internet.

  3. Simon Says:

    And 900 posts now. Some of which were longer and more involved than this one…

  4. Len Holgate Says:

    Well done and keep it up. I’m almost at 9 years now; though I write far less often than I did at the start…

  5. Ross Says:

    nice work – how many downloads!?
    Keep up the good work Simon, doesn’t seem like 5 years does it!

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