Facebook spam fest

I am only on the Facebook walled garden solely to get info for some activities the kids do.

So I never post or do anything and I’m not interested in connecting up, but if people invite I was accepting. But the amount of facebook spam in my email inbox is choking all the useful email. I tried to stop it telling me when folks do something, but now I have just set a server rule to put everything from there in the bin. Its completely out of control.

I don’t know if something changed in the last few weeks but its been driving me mad this last week. a total deluge of pointless email, and a complete inability to turn it off.

do you have the same issue?

Don’t bother telling me which of the bazillion links, twenty levels down their crap settings tangle, I should wrangle, I don’t care, I have unfriended them my own way.



6 Responses to “Facebook spam fest”

  1. Cathy Spiers Says:

    Would you not accept me as a friend on FB?!!!!!

  2. Simon Says:

    I’d never know you asked as I had to dump all FB crap in the bin.

  3. Simon Says:

    J’ai une petite idée :-)

    Pourquoi tu ne te couche pas? Les enseignants ne peuvent pas aller au lit le dimanche

  4. Cathy Spiers Says:

    Tu n’as pas perdu ton sens d’humour!

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