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Excel Dev Conf Presenter – Charles Williams

Thursday, 5th January, 2012

Charles Williams, Mr FastExcel, Mr Decision Models, well known Excel calculation expert will be presenting at the stupendous Excel Developer Conference 2012 (Jan 25 London booking here…).

He has furnished us with some blurb on his talk and life outside Excel here.

There is still a couple of days before the generous 50 GBP early bird discount expires (on Friday 6th Jan). But even if you miss that, its still only 250 GBP to meet some of the top names in the Excel world, and learn what your fellow Excellers are working on. A snip.




LinkedIn comedy

Wednesday, 4th January, 2012

I don’t really use LinkedIn, but I happened to be on there today and saw something that made me laugh.

Recently I was approached about doing some work for a potential client. After a brief discussion and issues with my availability (I didnt have any), the project went to someone else. No problem (for me), but lets just say the work was quite specific, oh I don’t know let just say taking some data from Excel and creating a drawing.

I skipped over one of the Excel groups on linkedIn and lo, a question from ‘recently’ : ‘How do you create a [specific type of] drawing from [a very particular type of] Excel data?’ Made me laugh…

No idea if it is exactly the same project, but its a pretty damn close coincidence. (I didn’t bother to look if it had been solved.)

At least they didn’t wait until I had scoped it out and incurred time and costs then blow me out on rate. Although I guess if the forum approach fails badly they could be back in touch. With even less budget having blown half of it on the failed hobbyist version.

This sort of thing always makes me wonder if I should move over to a server based tech so I am not always in competition with hobbyists? No disrespect at all, I got into VBA as a hobby because it was more interesting than my proper job. But I am not sure how many people would get into the nitty gritty of Oracle, or Sharepoint just for fun?

Any of you passed up some work only to see it hawked around the forums shortly after?



Dev Conf presenter – Mathias Brandewinder

Monday, 2nd January, 2012

I have just posted a profile of Mathias and his talk on the conf blog.

If you are thinking of coming to this superb event don’t forget that rapidly approaching early bird discount end on Friday.

Booking here.



2012 predictions

Sunday, 1st January, 2012

I think I hit about a 30% success rate with my 2011 predictions, but I don’t feel the minor issue of being mainly wrong should prevent me from continuing the tradition…

In no particular order:

  1. Google market cap will surpass MS this year
  2. Office 15 will be released ( I don’t see them waiting until 2014, and I’m pretty confident they will skip 2013)
  3. Office dev still wont get sexy
  4. Less jobs, higher rates – we are the new COBOL devs.
  5. Minimal new spreadsheet risk projects – due to the next recession starting
  6. Europe and UK will officially enter recession
  7. A few countries may well leave the Euro
  8. A decent non Apple tablet will appear, probably not running Windows.
  9. Oracle will buy what’s left of HP
  10. Microsoft will buy or bail out Nokia, but Windows phone will still be minuscule.
  11. Excel contract rates will pick up in Q2, probably briefly, but I think the trend will be generally upwards
  12. The Excel Developer conference (book here) will be an outstanding success and we will run a more user oriented one in July in Manchester
  13. RIM will disappear, Oracle should buy them, but maybe Google or IBM. (Or Apple??)
  14. Android, in some flavour or another will be everywhere
  15. Apple will have another good year in 2012, but may start to lose some shine towards the end of the year.
  16. I think Ballmer will go (and not willingly!)
  17. Apple is sitting on a cash mountain, I’d like to see them buy Adobe or something, but I suspect they are looking more at cloud services, and (TV?) content providers
  18. I may have to buy my own Kindle.  My Machiavellian plan to gift one to Mrs S that she would then not use, so I could ‘look after it’ appears to have failed – she hasn’t put it down yet!
  19. Many more Apple products are heading for the smurf residence in 2012
  20. I think there may be a new Visual Studio out – no idea about the VSTO story.
  21. Nikons next gen full frame DSLR will finally appear, which I will somehow have to justify buying.
  22. The world won’t end in 2012


That’s all I can think of for now. What do you think will be the big stories?

All the best for 2012