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Amazon Wiley price scam

Friday, 16th March, 2012

You might have noticed I havent been blogging much recently. Sorry about that.

I am currently busy reskilling in new areas.

Hence a bit of Amazon shopping for relevant reading material. I put a few relevant books in my basket a week or two ago, or maybe less. Imagine my surprise when I came to it today to buy and saw all the prices had shot up.

I don’t know if its just a money grab from Wiley or AmazonĀ  ‘incentivising’ Kindle purchasing but the price rises are eye watering, Perhaps they are anticipating a new 30% book vat rate in the budget.

Looks like I will have to rely on other info sources. Or hope for a price pull back…

did they not hear about the recession?

did paper just triple in price?

Anyone else seen this? Anyone seen other publishers or topic areas (this is finance/trading)? or got an explanation?