Job hunt time again

So I am back looking for a contract after a bit of time doing other things.

I love starting new jobs and getting to grips with new set ups and projects etc.

But I bloody hate going through the bullshit that is actually finding a role. Interviews (with clients) I dont mind, but the application process seems to get more convoluted and more irrelevant each time I look. And the agencies and client admin teams seem to be on a continual land grab to place more and more risk with contractors and less and less rewards. And to slip in as much pointless bureaucracy as they can too.

Here is a snippet from one body shops ‘NDA’:

I certify not to have applied in the past, directly or indirectly to the Clients or for the Projects mentioned in this document. I agree not to apply for the Clients and/or the Projects directly or indirectly as long as I am in the
application process with bs agency and for a period of 3 months beyond.

(no clients were mentioned in the document) then this clause:

bs agency reserves that right to add further Clients/Projects to this Agreement by simple written notification.

So bullshit agency can block me from any contact with any company by simply writing me! Foxtrot Oscar mate. And this is only the NDA so they can tell me the clients name. Seriously! What would the work contract have been like???

I have a 20 page application form plus over 10 other multi page documents to fill in for one role. Struggling for enthusiasm would be an understatement.

Mind you at least there are the odd one or two jobs around at the moment, things were desperate before Easter. I know my skill set is almost dead (Thanks MS for the support ;-)), but when there is one job a week on less than when I started back when everything was black and white, its quite sobering.

Anyone else currently looking? hows the market where you are?



4 Responses to “Job hunt time again”

  1. Pob Says:

    Not just me who feels this way then, eh.

    The part you forgot to mention is how the agencies have virtually sewn up the market even though they have little understanding of the jobs they’re pretending – sorry, attempting – to fill for their clients.

    There are many I’ve spoken to over the last year or so – mostly where they’ve contacted me on a speculative basis, as I try not to have anything to do with them if I can help it – who don’t really know or understand what the required skill-sets are, wouldn’t recognise a consultant/contractor who fulfilled these anyway, and seem unable to write – or even copy/paste – a coherent job spec even when they try.

    Good job I still have enough work coming in from my existing client-list so that I can live without these guys for now. I dread the day when this may start to dry up.

  2. ptiongson Says:

    I empathize with you on the “NDA” thing. I was in a similar position with a company I was dealing with (I also do projects) – it essentially said I couldn’t work with another company it “deems competitive to our business” for a period of one year after the contract ends. Which was BS. And there was a clause that suggested that I “accept these as reasonable and will not affect (my) livelihood”. I had to engage a lawyer to try to get it right. In the end, I said no and walked away. Not worth the money.

  3. Charles Says:

    Sounds like a Bank application form :-)

    Current contract has a similar thing. These things are contractually are a restraint of trade and it would be very difficult for the said agency to win that case in court. Have you ever heard anyone being taken to court because of that clause? Me neither.

  4. Simon Says:

    close Charles. but actually this was just a body shop. The banks are a whole other level of bullying bullshit.

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