Job Hunt update

What an eye opener this job campaign has been!

Not sure what happened in the last couple of years but its a different world from the last time I was looking.

I already mentioned ridiculous NDAs but having found someone a bit more real world I began to go through the process.

For this role the confidentiality clause needed witnessing by someone who was not a family member who did not live at the same address. Yes this is for a low risk Excel dev role, seriously!

There were over 10 increasingly ominous, largely pointless forms to fill in. One of which was a rehash of my CV I had already provided. But now they wanted contact details. Why? If they want to check up they should use publicly available contact info. If they don’t believe my version of my work history, then asking me for people who can confirm it is grossly flawed. If I can’t be trusted to tell them where I worked, why can I be trusted to give them valid contact info?, rather than a friend or family member. This is just vetting pantomime – either pay and do it properly, or don’t do it.

Having battled through that and other bull shit I finally got first glimpse of the contract terms.

Client can give me immediate notice at any time, I can’t give notice for the duration of the contract (6 months). WTF?? that’s not a commercial agreement, its slavery. Thankfully I am not so desperate I need to accept such rubbish, or work for the sort of scumbag company that tries to shaft their workers like this (Large UK bank – of course!).

I know some people say just sign it, its so unfair they could not enforce it, and that may be so. I don’t do schoolboy law. But I do distrust completely any organisation that would try and trick or force their workers into this sort of shite. What else would they do? (well one thing for sure is they would cut the agreed rate whenever they fancied it, by as much as they thought they could get away with).

So I am still in the market, but probably not targeting banks. Which is a shame as they are about the only organisations still making heavy use of Excel contractors.

Have you seen this nonsense? have you signed this sort of rights grab contract?



2 Responses to “Job Hunt update”

  1. MKP Says:

    I have to say I can’t imagine any company wanting to keep someone who has access to business critical systems (trading spreadsheets or whatever) if they wanted to leave! I’ve always been quite sanguine about that sort of clause…you can make me turn up for the contracted hours, you can even make me sit at my desk…but good luck making me think!

    But I agree…not a good company to work for.

  2. Marcus from London Says:

    Had similar in Oz. The agent wanted me to turn up to the client’s site (to start working) with having sent me (or me having even seen) the contract.

    Monday morning came and still no contract so I didn’t turn up. Client went ballistic. Agent went ballistic. Then in an act of intimidation the agent retorted that other contractors turned up for work without having seen or signed the contract yet. Good for them.

    When they couriered the contract later that day it had the same clause: client could terminate at any time for any reason and I had zero out. I declined to sign unless both parties had equal termination right. They amended that either party could terminates with two weeks written notice. I think if the client had not been disparate they probably would have told me to go forth and multiply (but not in those words).

    Only once have I been asked to sign a NDA for a spreadsheet contract. I did sign but never got the role. It was for an Australian airline company which no longer exists.

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