VB6 still alive a twitching

I saw this and it made me smile.

I was speaking to someone the other day about some VB6 maintenance.

And the VB 6.0 DDE Server from here is one of the most popular downloads. (Maybe that is just because DDE is so flaky of course).

I think that was the last thing I developed in VB6 about 18 months ago.

Are you still actively using VB6?

Are you just supporting old stuff or writing new?

Has your org lost much VB6 source code? (for still working systems… I knew one place that no longer had the VB source for one of its mission critical systems!)



3 Responses to “VB6 still alive a twitching”

  1. Christopher Says:

    We are using it, but not so frequently as in the past.

  2. Marcus from London Says:

    The last time I did anything ‘serious’ with VB6 was migrate about 20KLOC of Access/Excel VBA code to VB6 DLL.

    That was almost 5 years ago in Melbourne. Haven’t really done much with it since then.

  3. fastexcel Says:

    I stopped using VB6 when Excel2010-64 bit was announced. Its a shame because nothing else so far really matches it. The good news is that its easy to migrate VB6 back to VBA, so its not a total dead-end.

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