Gaming – Sony PS Vita

I am not big into computer games, at all.

But my kids are, big time. I have a PSP that I never use, but the kids used it for a while, and they used Nintendo DSs.

But all that is pretty much over now they are moving to iPod Touch’s. (Touches??)

I had thought of the Touch as just an oversize, short battery life, walled garden, dumb, mediocre MP3 player. With a few pointless apps. But I was wrong. They are the must have item for the latest cool kids, and when they have them they use them endlessly.

When DS games cost between a tenner and 30 quid, the choice of tens of thousands of free or 1 quid games (and apps) is utterly compelling.

The irony kills me. Microsoft used to know that getting the developers (games and apps)  onto your platform was fundamental to success. But Apple have done a truly stunning job with their iOS. Talk about mindshare,  I am trying to encourage the kids towards Android, but ALL their mates have Touch’s, why would anyone persecute their child by making them use a notTouch?

Microsoft on the other hand now seem to be doing everything they can to encourage developers off Windows and Office.

None of the kids have asked for a Windows equivalent, if such a thing exists. I think its a whole generation lost to Microsoft, I doubt they will ever make it back. (Actually I’m not even sure my kids have ever used Windows as its Macs at school and Linux at home.)

Incidentally there are 365 Million iOS devices in circulation v 600 million Windows (7) devices  + a few hundred million XP and 3 Vista devices. So iOS, whilst not in the majority, is a pretty big development target market.

I am sure there is still a market for things like the PS Vita, but I doubt very much we will be getting any in our family. The 20-30 quid games market might still be a gooer for a few well off adults, but I think its a target market in rapid decline.

Any of you got a Vita? what do you think? iPod touch? (or iPhone?)



3 Responses to “Gaming – Sony PS Vita”

  1. Arthur Nicholson Says:

    I got my first iPod Touch about 2 years ago and have been addicted to it ever since. Before I would always have my trusty Acer netbook on me but my Touch has a browser (2 actually), support for numerous email accounts and calendars, a great RSS reader, fb, Twitter, WordPress & Blogger apps, Evernote, a few games for when I’m bored, (even a mySQL OBDC app so I can fix/diagnose minor problems while in the pub!) and obviously all my music and podcasts. Not sure what I’d do without it which I don’t like to admit because, in principle, I hate Apple. It’s definitely becoming an important skill for developers (I win a lot of CRM dev jobs because I can offer iPhone support too) but hate the fact that even if you’re giving your app away for free you still have to pay for Apple to vet it and put it in the AppStore (unike Android). They also won’t let you publish an app which defies their very restrictive rules – I remember the annecdote of last year where a cool photography app slipped through their vetting process, sold 10,000s of copies and then was removed from the app store because the developer had made the volume buttons act as a zoom control which isn’t allowed, even though it was obviously very popular.

  2. Simon Says:

    You must have got a big capacity one Arthur – the kids have 8gb ones, which after a handful of games leave them no space for music etc.
    I am still trying the heal the touch screen keyboard psychological scars I got from my shitty motorola droid. If I ever get over that I might get a touch screen device again, but until then its hardware keyboards for me.

  3. Gary Says:

    Not being an i-Plod-360-droid-box-phone person this is a somewhat biased view.
    I think Arthur just confirmed my view that they seem to be almost exclusively about gaming and ‘social networking’! Listed loads of stuff but only one productive, plus e-mail which can be a boon or a chain. Personally I like to leave work at work. But that’s me.

    Sometimes I think an iTablet would be nice to have but then I think it’s just plain lazy, just walk to the next room and use the p.c.

    Get Windows and Office (that’s where my money is earned) onto a touch screen system and I might be interested.

    ‘Angry Birds’ for windows — now there’s a thought.

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