Job situation

(I’m not calling it a job hunt any more as that suggests a level of proactiveness that is lacking)

An agent sent me details for a role yesterday with details of the banking client.

I replied saying last time I looked at them their notice period was silly and unacceptable. His reply:

“I think our notice will be around 0-5 days. We tend to ask for no notice contracts from our contractors.
Is this better for you?”

He phoned today – I asked how it could be worse for me?? they can walk me off anytime, I have to breach the contract to get out. wtf?

The agent said they are now asking all their contractors to sign such contracts. Its their USP !!!

Their USP is that they only recruit contractors prepared to sign up to abusive contracts.Well its not unique because I think that banking client requests it from all agencies. And having contractors go for the same roles through alternative agencies with fairer contracts is not a great commercial selling point.

Hopefully enough of us old lags will tell them to shove it that they will reconsider.

Funny really, it was a spreadsheet control project taking over some big scary financial Excel VBA monsters – exactly what I do, just not for that client or through that agency.

Starting here, now – “campaign for reciprocal notice periods”

Are you with me brothers???


brother smurf

5 Responses to “Job situation”

  1. sysmod Says:

    I take it your main concern is not being able to leave a bad workplace.
    What’s the penalty for breaching the contract?
    The alternatives are:
    The civil service method: underperform or work to rule (no overtime)
    The prima donna method: be aggressive in demands for standards from them

  2. Simon Says:

    My main concern is having a contract that does not reflect the commercial reality of the relationship. That and the extreme commitment disparity. I can’t imagine its a productive environment to do your best work in.
    Luckily there are still plenty of reasonable clients and agencies.

  3. MKP Says:

    I have always wondered which company would be stupid enough to try to force an unhappy contractor to work their notice period on their business critical systems? More to the point…they can make you be there but they can’t make you think! And unless they write actual performance measures in the contract then they can’t not pay you either!

  4. Simon Says:

    Its not so much the obvious practicalities, its what it indicates about their underlying motives. And their contempt for the contract.
    The agent said to me, I can’t give notice to show commitment – so I asked if the client would show to same commitment and have the same no notice option. guess what? no.
    I just know there will be a 10-20% pay cut one day (to start the following day!) as soon as someone realises just how messed up the eurozone is.

  5. Joe Serdakowski Says:

    Great example of the Golden Rule “The guy with the gold makes the rules”.

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